Goodbye old phone provider…

About a year ago one of my clients whom I provide technical support reached out to me about changing their current phone and Internet provider.  The client stated they were paying $900 between the Internet and phone services.  They have 10 phone users.  The phone system was costing them $500 a month.  On average the customer was doing no more than 1600 a minutes of incoming and outgoing call a month.  So I set out to find a new phone vendor who can offer a cheaper phone system with excellent service.  After researching and calling up new phone vendors I stumbled upon the vendor Onsip.  What I liked about Onsip, the vendor customer service was excellent.  Whether I had a sales or technical question they were able to answer without hesitation.  Onsip was able to keep the old equipment such as the phone sets and routers already in place at my client’s site.  After figuring out the technical logistics I calculated the phone bill to be on average with the information known from the client whom I was working for.  After calculating I assumed the client will pay an average of $120 a month for phone bill with this new vendor Onsip compared to their old vendor which they were paying $500 a month a price difference of $380 that totals to a saving of $4, 560 a year.

After my researching and satisfied with the vendor Onsip I bought up the suggestion to my client whom agreed to change vendors.  The whole process of porting the numbers from the old vendor to the new vendor took about 20 business days and the new phone system was configured and operational within few hours after the porting of numbers was completed.

It has been two years since being with OnSip.  My client has been very satisfied with the phone service quality and reduction of the bill to about $100 a month compared to the $500 a month they were paying for before.


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