Mission Statement

Who is watching you without you knowing it?


This is a question that everyone should take a moment to think about. In a world where recording devices are everywhere, there is no doubt that people are watching every moves we make. It is very clear that the USA government is installing cameras all over the country in order to “watch over the nation” but at the same time, you have ordinary people who are using electronic devices where hackers, installing cameras or devices or knowledgeable people can see every move that we (ordinary people) make. I am establishing this blog to inform people about the exposure of their privacy in this technological world that we are living in. My hope is to let technology users know the simple steps they can take to protect themselves from potential threats, from identity theft to stealing a pin number at an ATM machine. I want these users to be able to limit or prevent other people from spying on them and viewing personal texts messages, emails and so on. My audience is everyone but more specifically the adults who are using this technology but have no idea what can happen to their identity or their privacy.  I also want to reach to those who almost do everything online, from shopping to paying bills, and finally I want to reach to business owners and how they can better protect their employees’ identities.

My message to my readers is to be vigilant and be aware of the negative consequences that can happen by using the technology. It is also important to keep in mind that I don’t want to scare people away from technology because once people hear that other people can see and know what they are doing, some of them might be scared to use this technology. I want to educate my readers and how they can be stress free when using technology. The title of the blog is going to help me to find out more about the devices or equipments that are available on the market and know their functions. I believe that by asking a question it will make the readers want to know the answer and that will make them more interested about the subject, and they will encourage them to learn more about the subject. No one likes the fact that anyone (strangers or not) to know their privacy and have access to what they are doing and viewing. I can’t really say that my blog is going to address my professional field, but I think that it’s a good subject to have knowledge on, especially since I’m studying Telecommunication Engineering Technology, I believe that it will make sense for me to stay up to date with the communication world and also share my knowledge to those who do not know.


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