My second networking event happened to be at Borough Hall at a Teens Take the City event. The organization that I was helping design for from my internship. At this event I got to meet other designers who was also helping to create content for their specific group of youth.  At this event there were different YMCA’s from across New York City competing with one another to place in the top 10.

Teens Take the City aims to educate participants about who runs their neighborhoods and how to become active participants in school and community life. Primary program activities include community mapping projects, educational workshops, and the preparation of a presentation showcasing students’ research and findings. Through these activities, oral and written communication skills are improved, leadership abilities strengthened, and solid resumes for college developed.

The program provides opportunities for students to Understand the New York City legislative system, read and debate current bills before the New York City Council, Meet and work alongside local politicians, professionals and managers of NYC agencies, hold a legislative session in New York City Council Chambers, pursue internship opportunities within City government and make change in their community.

The final design piece that is supposed to be done on my end for them would have to be completed if their billed got passed (which it did) and then they would have to present at City Hall in May.

I had the opportunity to sit with other designers a see what they were working on and how they approached tackling their designs. For each of us we were earlier on in our design process, seeing that we had to make sure the bills were passed before they could move on. Everyone pretty much had basic concept and sketches just like how I had.

I was surprised how everyone was open minded about showing their work I’m usually in a setting where we are competing and keeping our work private but I guess seeing how positive this whole event was and how it was about making a difference in communities was a good change for once.