So I’ve been task by my internship…well since I’m officially hired I have to stop saying internship, to set all the computers in the building with logmein. LogMeIn is a software program that allows you to access your computer remotely. For example, if you want to be able to access your work computer from home, you could (if your company allows it) install LogMeIn on your work computer, leave it running when you leave at the end of the day, and then log into the work computer from home and finish up whatever you had been working on during the day. This is extremely important because there are 2 types of internet access lines in schools VLan1 and VLan 2. VLan 2 is where the main office, administrators, deans and principals are connected to. During these COVID-19 times this is extremely important for them because this is the only way that they can access payroll, STARS, ATS and galaxy programs that only work in the school building, to continue to run the school from home. This is also important for me since I am the admin and the only person that can see all the computers that was added and take it over at will. This has been super clutch for me because I had to assist many of the Administration who aren’t really teach savvy and help them connect to their work machines and get them to the programs that the need. My job working from home would not be possible without logmein and I would be a lot more frustrated. With this pro account I can add 500 devices to my account instead of just 1 with the free account. It has also helped me take over and help troubleshoot printers and certain programs that was giving people problems. Some trouble that I ran into was that I noticed that some computers shut off because hibernation was left on so I had to go back in and tweak the power settings on the computers at work.