COVID 19 – So we just got word that all schools are going to be closing for a few weeks for social distancing. They are giving us 3 days to prepare for that.  I’ve been in and out of meets all day preparing with teachers, principals and the Superintendent Anita Skop. I guess you can say this can be considered  as a networking event because I’m meeting many important people and they seem to be impressed with my technology expertise and my efficiency so far.  I have been working with a small team of school aids around the clock to come up with a system to give out technology to the students that are in need. We spent the next 2 days giving out computers, textbooks and calculators out to students, getting them ready for instructional learning at home. We all have our own predictions that this distance learning might last longer than what they are saying and that there is a good chance that there wont be school for the remaining of the semester. I really hope that is not the reality of things but it seems to be headed in that direction. The best we can do is keep our fingers crossed and keep praying.