So at my job we purchased dropbox professional. Drop box is a application that you can use on the web or you can download on your computer, but beware if you don’t have enough hard drive space you might run into some storage issues like I have on certain workstations.

The purpose of drop box is to  streamline your workday making it easier to transfer files with others. The regular free version doesn’t give you that much space so you’ll run out of space shortly after especially if you re transferring large files . The premium very that we purchased allows us to have TB’s of storage that we can divide with certain amount of users.

Being one of the 2 people who have admin privileges is also pretty sweet and it guarantees that we don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. I have the ability to restore certain documents that might have been deleted by accident or on purpose   up until 30 days. The amount of times I had to use these feature has saved so many staff members.

Honest review- Dropbox makes it easy to share your work by previewing files directly in its web version, transfer large files to your clients without having to worry about security or delivery issues. It also integrates with the apps and tools you’re already using, like word and excel so you can tackle your everyday tasks with ease and with it’s premium security features it make it easy to undo mishaps and protect documents with just a few clicks.