My role within the company is to help create, print and trim content to display around the school. It could be graphics for an event that is coming up or that has already happening to showcase to the staff, parents and kids. Sometimes it can be documents such as Calendars for them as well. The man who is retiring is Hector he has been working in this position for over 26 years. Anna is the lady who is supervising us and helping when she can. The way that I got this internship was interesting, I use to go to this middle school as a student and did well in that Lego program and had the ability to attend the World Championship in Atlanta. I used to come back every year until I graduated High School to help mentor the kids in the Lego robotics program. I ran into one of the Teachers who used to be in charge of the robotics program and he was now an administrator for the same school. We started small talking and then I was telling him about how I was graduating this year with my degree in graphic design from City Tech and that I had to take an internship. He mentioned to me that there might be an unpaid opportunity to intern at the school because the graphic designer there was about to retire this year. Long story short I sat down with the Principal and him later and talked about the opportunity and they went for it. It really wasn’t a formal interview just a casual conversation about what I’m interested in doing in the future and if I could see myself continuing and coming on full time and the end of the school year and that I didn’t have to answer that now but we will speak after a week.