My favorite piece out of the exhibition that we saw was the  Antonio Santín (Spanish, b.1978)
Toast to Ashes, 2020, oil on canvas, 215 x 150 cm.

This piece stood out to me because of its amazing attention to detail. I was only able to see a render like image or photograph of how it looks on the wall but I could only imagine how much more detailed it looks it person. Reading up on the painting I would of never thought it would take two months to dry before the artist had to come back and finish with the oil paints and then add a final layer of varnish to complete it. This reminds me of the real world, people think creating an amazing piece of art happens over night when in reality things take time. Its almost like that saying you get what you pay for.

Taking a deeper look the artist takes about  ” whether it is a face, a dress or rug, for me, its all about grasping what is the hidden or concealed.” I think what great and is just simple amazing about this piece is that it makes the viewer think  and wonder about what is under that rug. We start look for shapes we start looking for clues thinking about just what it could be. I believe that  any art work that makes its viewers think and wonder what is there that we cannot see and leaves it open for interpretation is truly a masterpiece because everyone will have a different opinion but no one would really truly know.

This is an amazing piece and I cannot wait to go see it in person when the world gets back to normal.

Here is a link to the artist website to see his additional work.