I am currently hired right now as a Community Assistant at Middle School 88. Originally I was doing my internship here and I was supposed to take over for the person who currently does the graphics for the school because they will be retiring at the end of this year. That is still the plan, but I have been coming in Monday through Friday shadowing the person who is in charge learning how to use the Poster printers and seeing and assisting in the daily tasks at hand for half the day. During that process the school would have a lot of technology issues and I knew how to fix them when everyone else didn’t. I guess my technology background helped expedite my process in getting hired, so for the second half of the day I spend fixing and maintain all the technology for the school.

I have become the SPOC for the middle school. The SPOC is the person who manages the tech and is the point of contact for anything tech related. There was this SPOC networking meet up that I was getting on my emails and decided to attend. I got to meet many important people there and pick a lot of people’s brain. I met Wayne Henry who is in charge all the schools sites for the department of education in NYC. I also met the SPOC for Fort Hamilton High School who I was able to implement a lot of his ideas and ways that he did things which was way more efficient then the way I was doing them. I got some files from him that made my daily task a lot easier when it came to reimaging computers and it saved me hours.

I think the biggest take away I got from attending this Networking event was meeting the people who are doing the same job that just started and they have been doing it for a much longer time, so I was able to see what are the best ways to go about things, current issues that I may run into, obtain files that I might potentially need to make my daily task easier and just be more efficient. Also getting everyone contacting information before I left and joining the community forms so that way we can always keep in contact just in case any of us needed an extra set of eyes on a project.