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Unit 2 assignment

English 1101



                                                    Annotated Bibliography


Source#1:Stang, Chris. “Tanoreen – New York.” The Infatuation, The Infatuation, 29 Sept. 2010,


          This restaurant review is based on a restaurant named “Tanoreen” which serves Mediterranean cuisine. The infatuation is a venue, which can be found online and this particular review is towards an audience that may be seeking to try delicious Mediterranean food for an affordable price. The tone of this restaurant review is very formal and direct. The reviewer lacks details in the review for the restaurant because this review fails to describe the types of food on the restaurant’s menu and the review lacks describing the customer service. I feel that it is very vague. The reviewer only tells us that this restaurant has good authentic Mediterranean food, but it does not give a good description evidence for the audience to be convinced to try this restaurant.


Source#2: Kopelman, Ben. “Di Fara Pizza – New York.” The Infatuation, The Infatuation, 14 Apr. 2014,


         This restaurant review is about Difara’s Pizza being the best pizza in New York City. Difara’s Pizza is a restaurant that serves well cooked pizza and it is made by one man named DeMarco Domenico, it is also located in Brooklyn, New York. The restaurant review is on  the Infatuation website that gives access to an audience that is looking for a new place to try pizza that is well-prepared and not cheap. The tone of this review is very funny yet blunt it is also straightforward. The review can be very rude as well because the reviewer uses curse words to describe this restaurant. Because of the curse words that are being used it fails to convince the audience that this pizza store is worth going to. 


Source #3: Zagat,


           The main point of this restaurant review is to give readers insight about a restaurant named “Marea” that serves wonderful Italian seafood cuisine. This restaurant review can be found on the “Zagot” website which is available to people who want to try food from different cultures. The tone of this review is energetic and casual. The review is also short simple and straight to the point. The reviewer puts enough detail that would make the audience want to try this restaurant because it gives a good description of the different types of food on the menu and it tells about the customer service that is provided. The author appeal shows the use of logic because it provides good reasoning and answers to the questions that we as readers may have for this restaurant.


Source# 4 :M., Marissa, et al. “Marissa M.’s Review of Caribbean Soul Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge.” Yelp, 23 June 2018, 


         The main point of this restaurant review is to tell others who are interested in trying Caribbean cuisine while having a good time and listening to live music in a restaurant in Queens. This venue is on  the Yelp website where it is available to all people interested in trying new cultural foods. The reviewers tone of this passage is very funny and casual. The review uses a logical appeal by showing data analysis to describe this restaurant. Also the reviewer is well detailed about the customer service ,food and the environment. I found this review very convincing towards others because of the detailed description and the well put together analysis.


Source#5: “Restaurant Reviews.” Restaurant Reviews | Duke University School of Law


        This  restaurant review is about a campus restaurant that serves great quality food. The venue for this restaurant is on a website called Duke law and the audience is towards Duke law students. The tone is very casual. There are not many details in this review. The review does not even describe the food or cuisine served. This will not be convincing to the audience because this review last substantial information such as address customer service food and environment.


Source #6:III, Douglas Hanks. “The Lone Critic.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 20 June 2001, 


         This restaurant review is based on a Thai food restaurant named Ananndales’s and A&J. this restaurant review is available to all people who are looking for a great restaurant to try. The tone of this review is very fun and casual. The author uses logic to appeal to the audience because the author uses good detailed data analysis. The author also goes in depth about the food on the menu and which one is best to try. The author also explains the wonderful customer service that they have at this restaurant. I believe that this review is very convincing to others willing to try delicious Thai food.


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