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Roger Ebert. The Godfather movie review

Ebert review of the godfather makes us understand the connections between the movies characters and our family. In Ebert’s review he wrote “ We tend to identify with Don Corleone’s family not because we dig gang wars, but because we have been with them from the beginning, watching them wait for battle while sitting at the kitchen table and eating chow mein out of paper cartons”. Ebert makes this statement which indicates that most of us sit with our family at the dinner table we might not be preparing for war but we still enjoy the corleone’s sitting at the dinner table discussing whatever family problems they have to encounter. Ebert also goes on to give the characters a lot of credit for their hard work. Ebert said that the actors gave an example of “inspired acting” Eberts said those words to get us to understand the hard work these characters put in the movie and without them the movie would not have the same spark. In Ebert’s review he states “The Godfather’s role in the family enterprise is described by his name; he stands outside the next generation which will carry on and, hopefully, angle the family into legitimate enterprises”. In a family there’s the protector in the family that watches over the family, that can either be our fathers or mothers who are strong enough to guide us through life. This review attract many types of different audience who wants to get an opinion from a trusted source.

Roger Ebert. The dark knight movie review

In ebert’s review the claim was that we care about the characters, the writing for this film and the performances of these characters. In the review it states “ “The Dark Knight” is not a simplistic tale of good and evil. Batman is good, yes, The Joker is evil, yes. But Batman poses a more complex puzzle than usual:”. What I get from this is how complex the characters are there is more to these characters than we knowing their good and evil. In ebert’s review it states “”The Dark Knight” slips around those defenses and engages us”. Ebert is telling us how powerful the movie was that watching it caught all of our attention and how amazing the cinematography is. The tone that ebert use is formal to make us understand how important this review was to him. The audience that the review attract is teenagers and big Batman fans so they won’t be disappointed with what they like.

Andy Gill. Scarface movie review

In this movie review Gill argues that scarface is Al pacino’s movie. In the review it states “The opening shots of Tony Montana reveal that weíre in the presence of a truly Mephistophelean character, and one of modern cinema’s great performances”. This shows that how al pacino’s character in the movie inspired Gill to write about how great of a performance that was shown on cinema and how al pacino controlled the movie. While time time that the movie came out many critics dismissed the movie but Gill was still cheerful about it and encourage that it was an amazing film. In the review it states “It’s a delicious performance from an actor who knows he’s on top form, and Pacino’s swaggering arrogance bleeds into the character, juicing it up even further.” Gill is fascinated with how al pacino gets into character with this movie and put his soul into this work. The audience that this is entertaining is movie lovers and al pacino fans.

Rob Humanick. Toy story

This movie review by Humanick he makes a claim about how the movie is virtually perfect. In the review it states “ Nary a frame goes to waste in the establishment and development of plot and character…” Humanick describes how he views the movies work and how impressed he was by disney’s work. In the review Humannick also said “ it’s doubtful that there could have been a more perfect subject for the first fully computer generated film”. Humannick did not believe that at this time period there could not be no other movie that capture his heart like Toy story. Humanick tone was joyful telling how he felt about the movie and how beautiful it was. This review was made for all ages to enjoy a great review for an awesome movie.

Peter rainer. Superman returns movie review

Rainer was not a big fan of the superman returns movie and he claims it as a “mild disappointment” in rainer’s review he states “This approach should not be shocking to anyone who saw Singer’s X-Men  movies”. Rainer compares superman returns to another movie which did a much better job at analyzing the story and the characters. Rainer sound disappointed while writing this review and you can just tell by the way he words it and explain certain things. In the review it states “Brandon Routh certainly has the right rock-jawed comic-book look but, unlike Christopher Reeve, who also had the look, he’s not much of an actor”. Again we see rainer make a comparison against the movie as he talks about how others did a better job and this movie just disappointed him. The audience this movie attract is mostly teens and big fans of superman to see he their favorite hero was in the movie.


Todd mccarthy. Heat movie review

In this review mccarthy makes a strong claim of how heat stands out as one of the best crime films that has not been seen in a while. In the review it states “ heat occupies an exalted position among the countless contemporary crime films”. What this means is that heat is like no other crime film it has its own strong message and stand out by itself. In the review it states “ rarely in the crime genre have so many characters been so deeply drawn…”. The characters in this are also so powerful and that’s what makes this movie even stronger and propel the movie even further. The tone is so far giving us the details we need for the review. The audience this speaks is old time movie lover who love action and crime.


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