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Aboubacar Kone 




-Steve Vogel. ”Police described the school itself as one of the most horrific crime scenes that many had ever encountered and officials said the first arriving responders would be given counseling”



Accessed 31 October 2019.


The mass school shootings going on in today’s world were cruel and traumatizing. People who experienced it and are scarred .Drastic measures should be taken in protecting the school , teachers ,and students. Steven Vogel used the viewpoints of the victims , officers, and president Obama to make the readers feel sympathy. The author uses pathos to show the audience how the tragedy in a small town can affect the entire world and how kids and parents had to go through a tragedy .School shootings are a tragedy here in the U.S and many counter measures were created after to prevent these such things .


-Charles M. Blow. ”Trayvon is black. Zimmerman is not.”


Accessed 01 November 2019.


A story to remember by all Americans. The murder of Trayvon Martin a discriminated young man was pursued by a neighborhood watch . George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch who had suspicions of Trayvon he called 911 and told him to not pursue Trayvon . He pursued and confronted him it started getting physical and Zimmerman fired shots when all Trayvon had was a pack of Skittles .He was murdered in cold blood . Charles M. Blow states “Trayvon is black .Zimmerman is not “ which shows this encounter was racially biased which can be the case of some murders involving the law. Charles Blow uses pathos to persuade the audience this murder was based off Racial profiling and abuse of power .


-Jod Nordheimer . ”Theodore Bundy among the most notorious killers in recent times, was  electrocuted today, and about 200 people gathered outside the entrance of the Florida State Prison cheered when they heard the news.”


Accessed 01 November 2019


Ted Bundy sexually assaulted and killed several women in 5 different places. Washington,Oregon,Colorado,Utah,and Florida throughout 1974 to 1978.He confessed to over 25 murders. He usually Sexually abused them first then mutilated them . People believed he committed  more murders he was later arrested and sentenced to death on the electrocution chair .The author uses logos to give the audience reasoning that Ted Bundy was a cold and immoral person.


-Gabe Paoletti “Harvey Glatman took his victims out to the desert to strangle them, but not before taking some disturbing photos of them first.” 


Accessed 01 November 2019 


Harvey Glatman was given the name The Glamour Girl Slayer. When Glatman was in Highschool he tied up a classmate and raped her . He continued to sexually harass women , he was arrested often. He used his job as a television repairman to get into houses and molest more females .He was eventually arrested and put in a gas chamber in September 1959. The author uses to logos to give the audience reasoning to show that Harvey Glatman was a deranged criminal . 


-Katie Serena “The massacre had been carefully planned and executed by notorious mobster Al Capone, to eliminate a rival gang boss, George “Bugs” Moran.”


Al Capone was a famous gangster who was feared throughout the Prohibition Era . Al Capone had the police in his pocket forcing his way into an enemy warehouse. They believed they were getting arrested but then Al Capone and his men emptied out a 20 round box magazine and a 50 round drum. A rival member named Frank Gusenberg was taken to the hospital and was asked who shot him and didn’t snitch . The audience gets the view that Al Capone was a feared and cruel criminal. He used his money and power to become on top .


-James Baron. “The families assembled at ground zero again, the place where nearly 3,000 people died on that bright September morning.”


18 years ago terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed into the twin towers at 8:46 am which hit one tower and followed with another and also hit the pentagon. A tragic day of which of all of America will forever remember the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001.This tragic landmark was later changed into the freedom towers where all the heroes and victims names were carved . The author uses pathos to make the audience sympathize with the event 9/11.


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