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The cover letter is usually posted to the recruiter along with the resume, which is used to inform the recruiter about his motivation to apply for the position. When you’re applying for a job, a cover letter lets you show a personal side and demonstrate why hiring you is a smart decision.

Julianne Ruth. “Brain Injury Survivor: The Story of an Actress”. Kickresume network. 11 oct.2017

This cover letter mainly describes the author’s work experience and injury experience. At the beginning of the article, the author tells that she is the fashion show model of the Polish Fashion Week. She has represented many famous people. And produced a TV series with the director Allen Bauer. Then she had suffered serious injuries in 2014. In the process of recovery, she re-learned to walk and speak. By reciting her lines, she found herself harder and more resilient than before. Finally, the author said that she has a charisma and dedication. The tone of this letter is cheerful. Julianne Ruth said “I’m sure you will find that my charisma and dedication will be an asset to your company” It used simile,simile is a figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by like or as (as in cheeks like roses). Author said her charisma and dedication is helpful for company,It seem like an asset. For a company, asset means money what is most lacking as a company. The use of this simile is attractive to the reader’s needs, and the reader hopes that the company will consider more from her merits whether to give her a good position.

Andrea Kesay. “Motivation letter: Community Enivronmental legal officers for Coastal region”. Kickresume network. 17 June.2016

This cover letter mainly talks about how the author contributes to the improvement of the environment and hopes to obtain the position of environmental law officer. At the beginning of the article, the author talks about the contradiction between human resources development and the beautiful environment. Excessive development must cause damage to the environment. Because of the study, the author, participated in the Japanese team to protect the environment, and contributed to Japan’s low-carbon life navigation in 2050. He want to get the position of Environmental Law Officer, because he understand the difference between development and implementation of environmental laws in Kenya. He writes this formal letter to the government for prove that he has enough work experience and he has the ability to implement the law to protect the environment. The author hopes that the Kenyan government understands that he has such strength. Andrea Kesay said “I would like to be part of the team that finds remedies for the communities to be able to live in harmony with the environment so that we can eliminate future conflict. I believe right governance and good policies, which are implemented well, are one of the key ingredients for sustainability.” It expressed the author’s eagerness to participate in environmental protection and praised the Kenyan government’s policy is correct. It takes care of the reader’s feelings and shows that he can play a very good role in environmental protection in Kenya.

Sandy Mclarker. “I want to get a Peer Study Team Leader position”. Kickresume network. 1 Aug. 2017

This cover letter focuses on how the author demonstrates his strengths by introducing his or her own learning experience. First of all, the author tells that he studied very seriously at the University of Toronto and won important awards. He then introduced himself to participate in the work in the process of learning. At work, he worked seriously, so the position was improved. Then, he said that he was living independently through speeches. He is a foreign student, so he encountered many difficulties in college in the first year. But he loves learning and patiently overcomes all the difficulties. The tone of this letter is funny. The author happily introduced himself to help others and has a lot of time to do the job. In addition, the author also said that he can not only be responsible for this job, but he can also handle more complicated situations. Author said “It might sound nerdy, but there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping other people succeed. I have always had a real love for learning, and I feel most fulfilled when I get to share my love with others. This passion has guided me to leadership roles throughout my life. ” Here is the author who is a person likes to help others.This quality is what the leader needs most. Since the job he applied for is a leader, this part of the content can give readers more appeal.

Julius Malema. “Financial Analyst Position”. Kickresume network. 31 Oct.1999

This cover letter mainly talks about the author’s ability to help organizations improve their functions in the financial sector, as well as many achievements and internships during college. Finally, his travels around the world gave him a lot of insights. The author officially talks about his experience of traveling around the world. He learns the management methods of different economic situations in different countries in the process of traveling around the world. The purpose is to reflect his rich knowledge and tell the company that he can cope with various difficulties. At the same time, he said that he has the qualifications and abilities required by the company. Julius Malema said: “my hope is to work for an organization like Hylant, with ideals.” The author compares himself to a large organization. In order to let recruiters know that their ability level is relatively high.

Mary Parker. “Commercial Operation Specialist”. Kickresume network. 2nd Oct. 1997

This cover letter is mainly about the author who has 5 years of experience in commercial work and works for many big brands. He also has a variety of data analysis capabilities, he likes to study mathematics and solve problems. He funnyly introduced himself to working in a big brand company. He always gets the attention of the boss because of his intelligence. The author speaks about these experiences in order to show that he can do so well in his work at a big company. So hiring him to the company will definitely bring huge profits to the company. He said “I’ve built my career in a variety of roles and industries, mostly in international companies such as PANDORA, IKEA, JABRA & VELUX, where I’m used to wearing many hats.”In here the author uses a simile to compare a famous brand to a hat. Highlighted his strength. He told recruiters that he can make famous brands like a small thing. The recruiter may think that he is a person who must be hired, so the author has achieved his goal.

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