Police Brutality

Aboubacar Kone 


  Police brutality against African Americans is a societal problem that affects many states,neighborhoods,and communities across the country. It shows the use of aggressiveness and Force , regardless if they are breaking the law or not. The issue has been recognized in recent years due to the numerous killings of young black people that have been harassed by police officers. The issue has gone so far that it has created movements, such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. One of the problems the police forces across the Country has been that they unfairly discriminate against people of color, while being generally more lenient towards white people. My research topic is does police brutality affects society? My position on this is yes it does because people of color are targeted more than Caucasians and treated with less respect.




-The People 


The problem with police brutality in the United States is that it seems to be tied to racism. This is based on the fact that there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that police officers are more likely to target and arrest innocent people that are black or hispanic more than Caucasian . Another issue is the large number of killings that have taken place, involving young black people and police officers. In less than three years between 2014 and 2016, there were multiple murder cases.Statistics show in 2016, four out of five killings by police were of a young black male . These statistics show the greater risks that young African American people face. Unequal treatment of citizens by police officers is not right in a “free” country. Police officers get away with acts of brutality’s day cruelty, especially racial prejudice ones they are illegal and also dangerous for the people. People in power that are abusing the law, are creating the first step to an even  more corrupt system. Police brutality should have all citizens on the lookout. As the people who live in this country we need a voice and we shouldn’t stand around tolerating police brutality.


Sincerely, Aboubacar


-Police Officers


      The knowledge and sight of police brutality and discrimination towards black people can cause problems for society, even if they are criminals or innocent. It means that millions of Americans are forced to fear of being an “accident” in police shootings. The problem has gone so far that many psychologists suggest that it can leave significant psychological and emotional trauma on many people of color , even if they don’t participate in any crime but read and hear about it on the streets and news . People can develop anxiety and antisocial behavior, simply by knowing that they are categorized as more of a target by police.Many officers believe that black people are bigger threats especially when its compared to incidents with white people. This may be because some police officers have toxic personal world-views, or because that’s what they were taught due to America’s history of racial oppression. Police should interact with the communities more and actually try to understand what people are and what they do instead of just going after them unjustified.


From, Aboubacar 


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My Reflection

Aboubacar Kone

November 15, 2019


What  I learned about myself as a writer throughout the assignments is that my ideas and claims are all over the place, I get bored with writing , I would rather listen to a book then read or watch the movie first it’s more interesting that way for me. This has been a problem for me throughout elementary to my senior year of Highschool. When I write a paper a lot of ideas running through my head so I try to implement them into my writing before I forget what it was so I just put it into my paragraphs. I improved when once my teacher gave us a template to organize the introduction, body , conclusion and with evidence and a claim . Recently with “Cat Person” the short story the text was a little too long for me to read with a short attention span So my classmate recommended me to listen to it instead since that worked for them, so I took the advice and it worked I was engaged and read along with the reader. My Strengths as a writer are citing evidence, vocabulary, and spelling . I started to like citing evidence in a class argument one time in Highschool it was a Socratic seminar and my evidence helped my claim , just identifying text isn’t hard for me so it’s no issue to me . My vocabulary has been great ever since I was a kid because I used to read a lot of books and there was usually big words so I would ask my older sibling what the word meant and pronounced it on my own and implemented them into my sentences, I got in trouble a lot cause of that because I used some words that weren’t supposed to be used for a kid in elementary or middle school. My spelling also came from reading books but more particularly from reading a dictionary with some pictures in it . So I usually sat down as a kid looked at words and look at the pictures I wasn’t as dull as a regular text book with pages filled with just words so I never got bored reading the dictionary definitely not the whole thing but certain words. This led me into entering a spelling bee in elementary in 5th grade which I got 1st place in but I messed up once everyone had a life saver but that’s how I got great at spelling. Ways I would like to grow as a writer is being able to mainly learn to organize my writing I feel like important so the audience or readers won’t get confused on what the essay is about it just isn’t a good thing to do as a writer in my opinion.  I can achieve these goals by reading more seeing different writing styles and techniques maybe there’s a different way for me to write because I don’t think I learn the same way as everyone else and I should look into it.This is what I learned about myself from the assignment.

Crime Bibliography


Aboubacar Kone 




-Steve Vogel. ”Police described the school itself as one of the most horrific crime scenes that many had ever encountered and officials said the first arriving responders would be given counseling”



Accessed 31 October 2019.


The mass school shootings going on in today’s world were cruel and traumatizing. People who experienced it and are scarred .Drastic measures should be taken in protecting the school , teachers ,and students. Steven Vogel used the viewpoints of the victims , officers, and president Obama to make the readers feel sympathy. The author uses pathos to show the audience how the tragedy in a small town can affect the entire world and how kids and parents had to go through a tragedy .School shootings are a tragedy here in the U.S and many counter measures were created after to prevent these such things .


-Charles M. Blow. ”Trayvon is black. Zimmerman is not.”




Accessed 01 November 2019.


A story to remember by all Americans. The murder of Trayvon Martin a discriminated young man was pursued by a neighborhood watch . George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch who had suspicions of Trayvon he called 911 and told him to not pursue Trayvon . He pursued and confronted him it started getting physical and Zimmerman fired shots when all Trayvon had was a pack of Skittles .He was murdered in cold blood . Charles M. Blow states “Trayvon is black .Zimmerman is not “ which shows this encounter was racially biased which can be the case of some murders involving the law. Charles Blow uses pathos to persuade the audience this murder was based off Racial profiling and abuse of power .


-Jod Nordheimer . ”Theodore Bundy among the most notorious killers in recent times, was  electrocuted today, and about 200 people gathered outside the entrance of the Florida State Prison cheered when they heard the news.”




Accessed 01 November 2019


Ted Bundy sexually assaulted and killed several women in 5 different places. Washington,Oregon,Colorado,Utah,and Florida throughout 1974 to 1978.He confessed to over 25 murders. He usually Sexually abused them first then mutilated them . People believed he committed  more murders he was later arrested and sentenced to death on the electrocution chair .The author uses logos to give the audience reasoning that Ted Bundy was a cold and immoral person.


-Gabe Paoletti “Harvey Glatman took his victims out to the desert to strangle them, but not before taking some disturbing photos of them first.”





Accessed 01 November 2019 


Harvey Glatman was given the name The Glamour Girl Slayer. When Glatman was in Highschool he tied up a classmate and raped her . He continued to sexually harass women , he was arrested often. He used his job as a television repairman to get into houses and molest more females .He was eventually arrested and put in a gas chamber in September 1959. The author uses to logos to give the audience reasoning to show that Harvey Glatman was a deranged criminal . 


-Katie Serena “The massacre had been carefully planned and executed by notorious mobster Al Capone, to eliminate a rival gang boss, George “Bugs” Moran.”




Al Capone was a famous gangster who was feared throughout the Prohibition Era . Al Capone had the police in his pocket forcing his way into an enemy warehouse. They believed they were getting arrested but then Al Capone and his men emptied out a 20 round box magazine and a 50 round drum. A rival member named Frank Gusenberg was taken to the hospital and was asked who shot him and didn’t snitch . The audience gets the view that Al Capone was a feared and cruel criminal. He used his money and power to become on top .


-James Baron. “The families assembled at ground zero again, the place where nearly 3,000 people died on that bright September morning.”




18 years ago terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed into the twin towers at 8:46 am which hit one tower and followed with another and also hit the pentagon. A tragic day of which of all of America will forever remember the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001.This tragic landmark was later changed into the freedom towers where all the heroes and victims names were carved . The author uses pathos to make the audience sympathize with the event 9/11.


Power Review

Everyone has their own favorite TV show. Well mine is Power which streams on the television channel Starz. People have their own taste but I prefer shows with crime and real life issues. Written by Tim Goodman “Power seemingly wants to be a show that tells a big, complicated, meaningful story about, well, the perils and problems of power and how one man deals with them. That man is James “Ghost” St. Patrick “. This show , showed things that could happen in a man’s life and how he dealt with them even though his method isn’t always the right way . I started watching this because my friends recommended it to me and I binged watched it ever since . Other people don’t like this show because they believe they see it as more of a soap opera which is also said by Tim Goodman .


As the plane lands on the runaway of the Mali airport, tension grew, no english speakers. July 16, 2014 summer my parents sent my older sister and I to Mali, a West African country. With no adults I was intimidated by every sand and move. Our uncle comes to pick us up at baggage claim. He speaks Bambara, Malis native language. I looked at my sister and she looked at me back , we communicated with gestures. So we got to the car and he drove us. I was skeptical the whole ride. It was night time , dark and I heard the crickets chirping. We get to the house and they started speaking bambara. I sort of understood but it wasn’t a language I was fluent in. A man comes out of a room and my other uncle Cal comes out and says “ Hi my name is Cal”. I was so happy as if I was about to cry of joy. He asked me if we understood the language and I said my sister understood it was better than me so I relied on her a lot. So we go to sleep , I wake up and my sister wasn’t there. So I jolted out of my bed and I look at my aunt with fear. I don’t know these people and they are speaking a foreign language. My uncle that speak english comes out and tells me my sister went to the store to get a sim card for our phones. That’s how I know not knowing a language is fearful, I’m hungry so I go downstairs. My grandma is cooking over the big pot , it was a big house with a lot of people. My grandma said “Doumene“ and I know what it meant , it meant food . and she knew I was hungry so she gave out the food. I ate the food so fast that everyone started laughing . An hour passed by and my sister came home. I was a little mad at her but I felt a little more safe. A week passed by and I started understanding and speaking bambara a little better. I was in Mali throughout half the summer and I was 85% good with the language. So we started our trip to the Ivory coast. I was given a fake student ID to get into there by a coach bus. My sister told me not to speak english because since we American they can rob us or worse.  So I didn’t speak the whole 3 days because I was scared, even though I spoke it and you can tell I wasn’t trying to sound fluent. We go to the airport and I asked my sister “ Do you think our mom was scared when she arrived in New York ? Because she didn’t speak Enligsh .” My sister said “ yeah she was at first ”. When I arrived to mali without knowing the language, there was a sense of fear I haven’t felt before. It was like your protective bubble popped and you dont know whats going on. So I believe American education is important to people who aren’t from here (America ) because I felt insecure for my time staying in Africa, it’s beneficial to learners.