Global and Local

Part I:


1: spherical

2: of, relating to, or involving the entire world : worldwide

; also : of or relating to a celestial body (such as the moon)

3: of, relating to, or applying to a whole (such as a mathematical function or a computer program) : universal


1: characterized by or relating to position in space : having a definite spatial form or location

2: of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular place : not general or widespread: of, relating to, or applicable to part of a whole

3: primarily serving the needs of a particular limited district: making all the stops on a route

4: involving or affecting only a restricted part of the organism : topical

5: : of or relating to telephone communication within a specified area

Part II:

Global:  The term global can be used to talk about the idea of something expanding as a whole  all over the world or a certain group. For example technology, businesses and even social media trends have been spread throughout the whole world.

Local: The term local can be can use it when they are around their neighborhood or within that area. For example, Ally visits the local store. Another way to explain local can be something around you or close by where you live.

Part III:

             The terms “global” and “local” can relate to the Latino Community because when someone is coming from another country to live in a place they’ve never been to before, they tend to find a community or an area that makes them feel like they’re back in their country.  For example when they were in back in their country, there would be people speaking the language they speak or let’s say they celebrate a certain day no one else does, they would most likely try to find that comfort zone. These little details can be global because it was originally from a different country and only certain people share those same connections. It can also be local because it’s close to where they live so they have easy access to it.

             An example of this idea is when my parents decided to move to the U.S. together, they had certain conditions that they wanted in their new community.  Some of the things that were important to them was to look for places that have restaurants that serve foods that come from Dominican Republic, a corner store in case they run out of coffee, and most importantly they wanted to live near people that spoke Spanish.  They needed to be able to communicate with others who spoke Spanish while they were learning English.

            Another way global and local can relate to the Latino community is when someone owns a business and would like to expand it by traveling to different countries.  If you expand your business to where Latinos are, you can market your items and sell them. For example in Dominican Republic when you’re out on the streets, you see all sorts of vendors: Icee vendors, vendors that sell fresh and seasoned mangos, vendors that sell empanadas, and other types of handheld delicacies. Where I live you can see those same vendors trying to sell their items. Also, when opening a new restaurant and you want your menu to be different types of Latino foods, your location would most likely be a local neighborhood where there are more Latinos. Why? Well when opening those types of restaurants or selling those items doing so near a Latino community can cause you to have more customers and your business to be more successful since you have people that recognize those types of foods and items.

            In conclusion, the terms global and local can both link into the Latino community. Globally, the Latino community can make others feel like they are back home because they have a support that only certain people can offer. Locally, the Latino community can create a business and uplift those around them with their products.

Part IV– These two pictures show how the community changes words to Spanish so that people can understand directions and where they are and they also have business signs up both in Spanish and English.



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