Part I 

Definition of source :

  • A generative force : Cause
    • A point of origin or procurement : Beginning
    • One that initiates: Author; also: Prototype, Model
    • One that supplies information
  • The point of origin of a stream of water : Fountainhead
  • A first hand document or a primary reference work
  • An electrode in a field-effect transistor that supplies the charge carriers for current flow

Part of speech: It can be used as a noun, verb, or an adjective.

  • Noun : a point of origin the source of the conflict
  • Verb : to specify the source of (something, such as quoted material)
  • Adjective : of, relating to, or being source code a source file

Origin and etymology : From Merriam- Webster it says ‚ÄúMiddle English sours, from Anglo-French surse spring, source, from past participle of surdre (old-french) to rise, spring forth, from Latin surgere‚ÄĚ

Part II

     When I worked at a fashion studio in Brooklyn called Gillix Fashion, I had many tasks. Having experience  in retail always look good on your resume. As a receptionist, one of my main tasks was sourcing. I had to travel to the fashion district looking for materials. When I was sourcing, I had to look for what material was popular and what was affordable. Around many Caribbean  holidays such as St. Lucia Independence Day or Harvest Fest in Grenada, I would contact local wholesalers in these countries to find some fabrics representing these holidays. Looking for fabric was my favorite part of the week because not only did I get paid for walking around but I got to meet some of the biggest sources in the Fashion District.

Part III

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Being a part of communities help build ¬†¬†your career and your personal growth. Communities can range from your local neighborhood to your profession. One of the communities that will be discussed and that I identify with is the Businesses to Locals connect ¬†community. It is a community that helps connect small restaurants and fashion businesses in NYC to local farmers and material makers. But, how does the community use the term ‚Äúsource/ sourcing‚ÄĚ ? Business to Locals main task is sourcing. Business to Locals, ¬†help businesses by finding goods or materials that adds to the uniqueness of their business.

          It is hard in today’s world with so many products being labeled as  health risks and so many people are following the trend with buying or using  organic and homemade products. Many restaurants tell customers that they sell and make food with  100% locally grown products. So many restaurants and other businesses try to get local, fresh products as they try to keep up with the trend. It is often very hard to for these business owners to find farmers or sellers that sell these products. This is where the community steps in. There is someone who is looking for the materials for certain businesses. For example, a post on facebook  from a wholesaler, may have a direct phone number for a farmer from Grenada, that produces nutmeg and cinnamon. Giving you the direct source for some spices that you may put in your cake recipes. Often when they can’t get you the products from the direct source, they help locate wholesalers in which a farmer or fabric maker sells to.

      Business to Locals connect many businesses together. Often when I am looking at the short memos they post on Facebook,  I notice many things out of the ordinary. Usually butchers assist restaurants or clothiers (people who sell fabric) support fashion designers but on Facebook  it is a mix match. I have seen restaurant owners give assistance to clothiers and fashion designers help out beauty stores. Looking at how they support each other shows me that sometimes it is the best way to make business partners is through helping them. They even helped get into contact with someone that sells flowers (not the flower shop) for a school event I was doing. It also showed me how good it feels to be in contact with the source rather than a third-party source. Due to the fact that third-part hosts usually charge a higher price for less material than the original source.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Communities help us make connections, learn , and navigate. The term ‚Äúsource‚ÄĚ is very important in any community but more important in the Business to Locals connect ¬†community. Because of that term, many people are getting the right materials needed for their business. Many people don‚Äôt take advantage of it, but everyone in that community does when the opportunity arises. ¬†

Part IV

Pictured above is one of the fabrics that I bought from a clothier. This dress was made for someone who was attending the St Lucia Independence Day Ball. This is one of the most common materials used around this holiday. At this ball there was about at least 50 % of this material being used as either a clothing item or a piece of decoration. My favorite thing about this purchase is the difference in currency, so when I overpaid they sent extra fabric or jewelry.

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