Part 1 –

   Value –

 1 : the monetary worth of something : market price
2 : a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged
3 : relative worth, utility, or importance a good value at the price the value of base stealing in baseball had nothing of value to say
4 : something (such as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable
sought material values instead of human values —W. H. Jones
5 : a numerical quantity that is assigned or is determined by calculation or measurement let x take on positive values a value for the age of the earth
6 : the relative duration of a musical note
7 a : relative lightness or darkness of a color : luminosity
b : the relation of one part in a picture to another with respect to lightness and darkness
8 : denomination 2
— valueless play  \ˈval-(ˌ)yü-ləs, -yə-\ adjective
— valuelessness noun


Part 2 –

            In the “ real world “ when people think of the word value they think of the quality of something. These days when someone says the word value the first thing that comes to their head is that this determines the worth of anything. Value can be important in many different aspects to someone’s life and can have such a huge impact. In many different communities value can have a different meaning but when I personally think of value I think of how worthy something is to me and the quality level of it. People talk about value money wise which is the worth or people can speak about, value quality wise which is how good something can be.


Part 3 –

              The community I’m choosing to talk about is a relationship community. One where two significant others decide to build a relationship built off of things such as trust, love, and honesty. When I think of value I don’t think of one meaning, value itself is the base for many other aspects. As in trust, if two people don’t trust each other they would constantly accuse one another of false allegations. Another thing is the love for obvious reasons. Commitment, making sure you two are committed to each other only. Respect is also so important. Relationships in this time of age rarely have respect for one another. I’ve seen couples fall out and lose all kind of respect for each other. Cursing each other out on social media, bashing each other in front of other individuals, airing out each others personal business. Not being caring of each other’s feelings. All these things equal to what value is.

                        I think value means a lot because if you don’t cherish and desire your relationship that’s just a recipe for disaster. It would be toxic for people to just waste each other’s time instead of actually appreciating the bond. People often would ask “ do you value your relationship ? “ . Meaning would you care if you guys separated today or do you respect it to not cheat and make bad decisions or make your partner look a fool ? This should be important because it really answers if you’re ready to settle down and have a long lasting committed relationship. Trying not to embarrass your significant other in the public’s eyes and behind closed doors. When you’re with someone you have to be actually happy to be with them. Don’t let how other people view your partner affect the way you see them.

               In this day and age I don’t believe people really value and appreciate the relationships they’re in. They don’t get into relationships for all the right reasons or don’t set goals and aspirations. They already get into relationships with a short term mindset and are often misdirected which leads them to make bad decisions and make wrongful actions. As I previously said don’t feed off of what other people tell you. If someone tells you things about who you’re with don’t be quick to believe everything you hear and look at your partner differently. Consult your partner and speak things out with them. If this generation actually valued the relationships they get into there would be longer more healthy relationships around us spreading off a positive energy and start more respected relationships. The relationships I see around me are very toxic and even though I know we’re young and still trying to figure ourselves out it’s at a point where people get hurt in a relationship that another person did not value as much as they did and decide they wanna hurt other people they get in a relationship with causing a never ending cycle. Sometimes you have to let that hurt go and move on with your life and understand that not everyone’s the same. Someone out there wants to see you do better and better yourself as a person and wants to help your grow mentally, emotionally, & physically. You just have to be ready to forgive and forgive.

                In conclusion, value in a relationship is just the foundation that other aspects are built on. To display why you need to go into a relationship with an open and mature mind. You need to sit back and look at every part of your relationship and think do you value each part of it ? Are you willing to make changes and vice verse for your partner to make things work out with one another. Some of the same rules can apply for other kinds of relationships. You have to remember every relationship has its bad days you just have to be the one to decide is that person worth fighting for.

Part 4 –



1 : The monetary worth of something : market price

2 : A fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged

3 : Relative worth, utility, or importance a good value at the price the value of base stealing in baseball had nothing of value to say

4 : Something (such as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable

sought material values instead of human values —W. H. Jones

5 : A numerical quantity that is assigned or is determined by calculation or measurement let x take on positive values a value for the age of the earth

6 : The relative duration of a musical note

7 : A relative lightness or darkness of a color : luminosity

b : The relation of one part in a picture to another with respect to lightness and darkness

8 : Denomination 2

William camps out for the Supreme Box Logo sweatshirt on Tuesday even though the store opens on Thursday. He plans to buy it for $168 USD and sell it to William at a higher price to pay for his college tuition. William and his buyer are in the buying and selling community mixed in with the street wear community. These two communities started in major cities by skateboarding teenagers to express themselves while creating goods for other fellow skaters to enjoy. Now the small group has expanded and meshed with the internet allowing for many teenagers around the world not being limited to their own towns. Growing up inside this community allowed for me to be exposed to great works of art in different mediums while learning the means to hustle; buying clothes to sell.

As an edgy teen infatuated with hip hop,rock music and skateboarding, the clothing represent the us. The brands that represent the forefront of the culture created unique garments from shirts with bands to simple logos; Supreme is the most relevant brand to date causing their spotlight to shine past their once skateboard oriented crowd to a more wealthy suburban teenager. During the fifth grade, I skated daily with my friends having so called “seshes”. In these seshes it went beyond just skateboarding as we descended deeper into the culture leading us to the discover of Supreme. It was a match made in heaven as we all valued the output of creative collaborations relating to popular culture and their own designs; The classic box logo. These pieces that we loved because of skateboarding mixed in with the other random things we enjoyed became a trend. The community that was once weird people that were into specifically weird things evolved into people trying to validate themselves with Supreme. The price of their pieces most notably the staple box logo jumped ten folds to a point buying it became a complex process. Online purchasing is now close to impossible unless you have a fiber optic internet service because pieces sellout in under thirty seconds. While purchasing in person involves an online lottery on Monday at around ten in the morning, in which you might be selected to attend the release on Thursday at a certain time and store. Back when I was fond of Supreme, The lottery system was not created and so people would sacrifice a week to camp outside the store to buy something usually to sell. I was surprisingly lucky enough to buy a box logo sweatshirt in my junior year of high school and I cherished it. Funny enough, after all of the struggle to obtain the sweatshirt to wear, I sold it. I made six hundred dollars. The brand I valued so highly for their impact on the skateboard culture to their amazing taste in different mediums is still present with me. But, my friends and I realized other people value it as being cooler than everyone else who does not wear Supreme. We cannot stand for this and sadly it became that a of a pissing contest. We outgrew Supreme but, we still appreciate it as it made us a lot of money.

Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility (N) – The practice of producing goods and services in a way that is not harmful to society or the environment: The whole area of social responsibility is becoming much more important to the consumer.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an issue on which we can judge even the smallest company

Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.

Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.


           Social Responsibility is a term which refers to exactly that, being socially responsible. It’s about taking responsibility within your community, whether by yourself or as a group. It’s making sure everything is right and keeping everything in order. A modern way to describe social responsibility would be activism. Specifically speaking on online activism, “Social Justice Warrior” is a term used less than endearingly to describe people who may tend to be agitating when acting on their concept of social responsibility. “Social Justice Warriors” or “SJWs” prefer to keep things politically correct and progressive despite being seen as just being combative online. Though many people may not be a fan of the intensity projected by SJWs it is, however, admirable to see people at least making an effort towards social responsibility and protecting their peers.


Social responsibility is, has been, and will always be an important factor within communities. The community in question that I’ve chosen to speak on is the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and so on. This community is the home of millions of marginalized people of all ages, myself included. I found that while growing up, my local LGBTQ+ youth group was the ideal safe space for any teen that felt alienated by society, family, and/or peers. A comfortable place with the opportunities to be educated about safety precautions, your sexuality or identity, and dealing with the oppressions of everyday life. A place to be ourselves without harmful backlash or fear. It was and still is an amazing center where you’ll feel unjudged, protected, and included.


          Disappointingly enough, with marginalized groups comes opposing groups. This is where social responsibility comes into play. Without anyone taking action and creating safe spaces like this, who knows where the majority of queer teens could end up. A number of my friends and fellow LGBTQ+ community members have taken it upon themselves to be socially responsible in their local areas, whether it be creating groups of their own (online and off), taking the time to help educate allies, or attending peaceful rallies and protests. I have several online acquaintances who personally enjoy providing safe spaces for their local communities. One developed an underground DIY venue as a way for their local community members to express themselves through music. Another who heads a trans masc/non binary group, throws mixers frequently so locals may safely meet others of the same demographic and make friends, partners, love interests or just be in good company.


           Unfortunately I’ve reached the topic of violence geared towards the LGBTQ+ community. There is and has always been copious amounts of hatred spewed towards my community, simply based on how we live our lives. Legitimate hate groups have been formed intending harm upon us. For centuries and ongoing my people have been murdered, beaten, and berated for loving who they love and being who they are. As of September 2018, 19 trans women, mostly trans women of color, have been murdered for their identities. Murdered for being and presenting themselves as who they truly are. Reports of senseless violence towards the community have become such a frequent happening which, while horrendous, it creates a ripple. That ripple has the ability to cause the percentage of allies to climb, along with the amount of social responsibility being taken towards creating a change. Taking everything into consideration, I can only hope, though with little faith, that with time and plenty of fight, we may absolutely change the way the world sees the LGBTQ+ community. If more people opened their minds and lifted the ignorance blinders, they’d see that we are just the same as everyone else, we eat, breathe, bleed, and cry the same. This has the potential to majorly impact the number of lives lost.


         Allies are another huge example of social responsibility as they take it upon themselves to do a lot of “grunt work”, we’ll call it. Allies are people who while may not have the same preferences or lifestyles, devote lots of their time to educating other non-community members. They may attend protests or rallies alongside their queer friends, family members, or just for the good of nature. For example, many of my friends make sure to correct and check others for their ignorance whether online or in person. That’s just one of the many progressive acts of support for the community along with helping run camps and workshops for LGBTQ+ youth. This involves teaching them about inclusivity, safe sex, how to deal with bullying, proper pronoun usage, etc. The friends/allies that I’ve gained over the years have always tried their best to properly support, educate themselves, and defend my community and for that I cannot thank them enough for all the hard work they’ve provided.  I believe that taking social responsibility within the LGBTQ+ community is extremely beneficial not only for educating ourselves, but educating our allies as well. My community is and will continue to be unstoppable and I am so confident in further progression for the future.


Pictured is the logo for the aforementioned youth group I attended as a teen. A local group that has helped hundreds of local LGBT youth through the everyday struggles that come with being a part of such a marginalized community in America. Just one of many life changing centers that I hope to see eternally expand.



Part 1:
Artisinal related to or characteristic is an artisan. Artisan is a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. An artisan is a person or company that produces something( such as cheese or wine) in limited quantities often using traditional methods. The origin is Mid 16th century, from French from Italian Artigiano, based on Latin Artius, past participle of attire”instruct in the arts”. In America, most artisans have always been fiercely independent. Artisans usually make only fine objects for those who can afford them. The adjective “artisanal” is sometimes used in describing hand-processing in what is usually viewed as an industrial process, such as in the phrase artisanal mining. Thus, “artisanal” is sometimes used in marketing and advertising as a buzz word to describe or imply some relation with the crafting of handmade food products.

Part 2:
People often use this term to describe or talk about food, or products. For example, have you ever been to Spy House Coffee Shop yet for their new artisanal say latte? Artisanal is used by hipsters, art types, vegan, baristas, and people who work at organic food stores. The real meaning of artisan was when people took pride into their crafts l, it’s all about the specialty and being unique. Artisan requires knowledge and caring.

Part 3:

The community I have chosen is culinary. Culinary can relate to artisan therefore, I will love to compare these two since I will be furthering my education on this major.The Culinary Arts Institute is not only the regions premier culinary education resource, it’s a destination for individuals in the community who want to take cooking classes.In the Institute of Culinary Education there are training techniques for artisan bread baking.People that are interested in being an artisan I feel that is a great idea. I believe this would be a great idea because you can be anything not only that but I feel being an artisan is very unique. Especially if you want to be an bread baker. Those people have skills not everyone can make bread. They make a certain amount each day and once it’s sold it’s sold to the next day when there’s more. Best believe those breads don’t taste exactly the same as yesterday when you had it.

A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Bing in an community could be fun when working with other people, But it’s different when being an artisan. There are different artisan communities, such as food, design, craftsman, photography, entertainment, industry, fitness, technology and etc.
I am part of the food community. In culinary people make their homemade dishes, which means everyday food will be slightly different or maybe a huge difference. Have you ever went to an restaurant and decided to eat the same meal you had last time and it taste different, that’s because these meals are being made by hand they can slip a lil but to much salt this time or more pepper. But if you eat corn from a can it never taste different, the difference between these two thing is one is being made by artisans and one by factories. Factories know the routine, there machine are being controlled to know how much they need to add to these products.


Word:  Sustainable


1: capable of being sustained

2a: of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. //sustainable techniques sustainable agriculture

b: of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods. //sustainable society

Part 2

My Meaning: In my sense of the word sustainable, I believe that the word has a positive meaning. To be sustainable within a community, it’s to bring people from that or other communities and work together on either a goal or a mind set of what they are trying to accomplish.

Part 3:

Brooklyn, an island separated from the mainland of the United States. One of the five boroughs of New york City, we come across the dirty Streets, garbage scented corners, and little creatures surrounding us as we walk through both the day and night. As time ticks, people get worse towards trying to help the environment, helping the streets they walk upon, helping the community they not only live in, but fight for as well. Being born in Brooklyn made me feel apart of a being, apart of a community. This community that has been developed by the people who are working, born, and or live within the borough of Brooklyn. The community that past people stood upon and fought for not only to get their voices heard, but to get their community equal as one. Brooklyn is divided into different communities within the borough. With the overall Brooklyn community we have the Canarsie community, Ozone park community, Williamsburg community, East New York community and etc. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, an island that is not connected to the mainland, I’ve come across multiple problems within my community. Not only are some buildings destroyed but the environment within the Brooklyn community are dirty. Within my neighborhood of East New York Brooklyn the environment is mostly like the rest of Brooklyn, dirty. We the people of the Brooklyn community have a sustainability to develop a system where we can help keep the parks, streets and neighborhoods clean.

The main focus of the Brooklyn community is to change the name that people give. Others have come to the conclusion that Brooklyn is dirty, scary and nasty. We have the power to change the way Brooklyn is looked at and spoken about. Just by cleaning up streets, cross-ways and more we can make a big difference and develop a positive action within the community.

Throughout the Brooklyn community the people are trying to design a well, green and clean community. The people of Brooklyn are using rooftops, residential communal spaces and more, by producing a green community space. These spaces are designed to plant multiple amounts of greens, such as; flowers and crops. The Brooklyn population wants to make their community not only friendly but more green and clean. Over 150 participants that have come across multiple other communities, joined together to discuss the urban sustainability by getting others to know through the workforce, buildings, the youth and more. Getting the youth to come together to help the community clean up and get back on its feet brings more people to the community and opens more opportunities to others to help put their time and needs into the Brooklyn community.

Throughout the different communities others come together to help each others communities. We seek help within each others eyes and tend to do what’s right when others are around, depending on one another and how we cooperate with each other. We are sustainable to work together and help the Brooklyn community strive together to one goal, help maintain the community and help grow with a positive manner and outcome.



Sustainable. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Noun [U] – the practice of producing goods and services in a way that is not harmful to society or the environment.

Responsibility -something for which one is accountable for.


Social Responsibility is about me, you, and us taking an action for the future of our world. It involves an idea to be individually responsible for. When people connect ideas to act against any corrupt powers that commonly control social settings. When we all act with ideas to eliminate products that are harmful to society, we are being socially responsible. Social responsibility is used in everyday life by either picking up garbage or saving energy at home.


        Not only are companies a part of being socially responsible, but so are communities. Communities make people come together for several reasons because they either have something in common or live in the same neighborhood. Being a part of a community is important to the success of our world. I am a part of the “Go Green” community. My community makes sure that we are not littering, always recycling, and saving energy. Social responsibility ties together with my community because as an individual, I do my part for society but will also benefit all of us together. This will also benefit the earth, instead of destroying it more.


        Growing up, I rarely saw any separated garbage bins. I would always see people throwing garbage in one bin and even on the streets. Honestly, the only time I thought on separating the recycling from the trash was when my father did it. As I grew up, I saw everything form a different perspective. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything beneficial for society. Then a lightbulb popped up in my head like, I can change the world with my ways. I started recycling all my bottles and plastics. Although many would ask, how can your contribution change the entire world? I’d say if we challenge ourselves to create a positive impact with every action we take, there can be a change to the world. My contribution will lead no harm to society and hopefully persuade others to take an action on cleaning up our environment.


        Throughout the years, there has been many ways to “Go Green”. Many people including myself have been switching to reusable items to prevent waste. Many supermarkets now sell reusable items to customers daily. One of these items are reusable bags instead of plastic or paper bags. This is not an obligation for customers, but the willingly do it because it saves them money and doesn’t harm our world.


        In conclusion, as individuals we can come together in a community to make a better world, not only for ourselves but for future generations. We can accomplish this by taking an active participation in dealing with some of the issues we face. It is about being responsible for our actions and being aware of the impact your actions have on others, our communities, and environment. In other words, communities should be concerned about the well-being of society and mindful of how its actions could affect society.


The drawing above describes the different ways on how we can help our environment. These include recycling, the light bulb to save energy, taking care of the plants and individually taking action that will eventually benefit all of us together. Lets Go Green means we should all take responsibility to save the earth. If we all go green it will not only benefit us but will also benefit the planet and future generations. Taking some of the steps like shown in the drawing can make a big impact to society.

Cultural Capital

Part 1

Cultural Capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviors, and skills that one can tap into to demonstrate one’s cultural competence, and thus one’s social status or standing in society.

Cultural Capital is a term developed and popularized by late-twentieth-century French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. Bourdieu first used the term in written work with Jean-Claude Passeron in 1973 then further developed it as a theoretical concept and tool of analysis in his landmark study Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste, published in 1979.

Cultural Capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviors, and skills that one can tap into to demonstrate one’s cultural competence, and thus one’s social status or standing in society. In their initial writing on the topic, Bourdieu and Passeron asserted that this accumulation was used to reinforce class differences, as historically and very much still today, different groups of people have access to different sources and forms of knowledge, depending on other variables like race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and even age.

Part 2

Cultural Capital is when individuals have certain skills and knowledge that help them in society. This can be a simple task like knowing how to write a proper email to a teacher. As mentioned Cultural Capital is when one someone knows how to do something someone else might not know how to do. Culture Capital is affected by many different variables such as gender, race, ethnicity, and many other things. People of all ages benefit from some sort of Cultural Capital in their day to day lives without them knowing about it.

Part 3

In the Latino community, many of us face many disadvantages compared to other ethnicities. We the Latino community face Cultural Capital on a daily basis simply because of the where we come from/live, the language we may speak, and the color of our skin. This is an example of Cultural Capital because all of these variables help place us at a disadvantage from other ethnicities. I am apart of this community because I myself am a Latino from Harlem who is surrounded with others who look and speak just like me and face the same obstacles I do.

In the Latino community, some of our parents did not get to achieve a higher education past high school because of this Latino students are placed at a disadvantage from the average white student whose family attended college. This is Cultural Capital due to the fact that the white family has attended college the next family member who attends college will now have resources and prior knowledge that will help them have a smoother college experience.  The Latino student whose a first-generation college student will not know what to do when walking into a college because his family did not attend leaving this student with no prior knowledge or resources that could have helped his or her college experience. Unfortunately, in the Latino community kids who are born outside of the U.S. are placed at a disadvantage in school. These kids do not speak English fluently and are placed in classes to help them learn the English language. These students are placed in classes called ESL (English as a second language). The Cultural Capital of an ESL student is they come from a household where both parents speak fluent Spanish vs. a student from the U.S. who comes from a fluent English speaking family. ESL students are also held at a lower standard due to the fact that they do not speak English language fluently creating the assumption that they are not well educated. In the Latino community, we also face lots of trouble finding jobs. For undocumented Latino families in my community finding jobs that will pay them minimum wage is hard because of the limited job opportunities that are available to them. The providers of these families usually suffer financial instability because they work off the books. The Cultural Capital of this is a person who is from the U.S. speaks English, has working papers and a social security number making it easier for them to get a job and making it more likely for them to get hired for a higher paying job. An undocumented person who does not speak English does not have working papers and does not have a social security number makes it harder for them to find a job and leads them to work for less than minimum wage placing them at a disadvantage for new job opportunities.

We the Latino community face many forms of Cultural Capital in our day to day lives. While some of us in the Latino community might not be aware of what Cultural Capital is it is something that we have to work on changing. In the future, I hope that the Latino community will not face as much Cultural Capital as we do today. 

Part 4

This image is an example of Culture Capital. This image demonstrates the example of the white family who attended college vs. the Latino family who did not attend college. The family on the left has gone to college and has prior knowledge on how to get through college passing it onto their child. This means the child on the left will get through college easier because of all the knowledge given to him by his parents. The family on the right has not attended college in the past meaning they have no prior knowledge about college. The child on the right is a first-generation college student going into college with no prior knowledge about the ins and outs of college making his college experience a challenge for him and leaving him having to figure everything out on this own in order to succeed.


Part I 

Definition of source :

  • A generative force : Cause
    • A point of origin or procurement : Beginning
    • One that initiates: Author; also: Prototype, Model
    • One that supplies information
  • The point of origin of a stream of water : Fountainhead
  • A first hand document or a primary reference work
  • An electrode in a field-effect transistor that supplies the charge carriers for current flow

Part of speech: It can be used as a noun, verb, or an adjective.

  • Noun : a point of origin the source of the conflict
  • Verb : to specify the source of (something, such as quoted material)
  • Adjective : of, relating to, or being source code a source file

Origin and etymology : From Merriam- Webster it says “Middle English sours, from Anglo-French surse spring, source, from past participle of surdre (old-french) to rise, spring forth, from Latin surgere”

Part II

     When I worked at a fashion studio in Brooklyn called Gillix Fashion, I had many tasks. Having experience  in retail always look good on your resume. As a receptionist, one of my main tasks was sourcing. I had to travel to the fashion district looking for materials. When I was sourcing, I had to look for what material was popular and what was affordable. Around many Caribbean  holidays such as St. Lucia Independence Day or Harvest Fest in Grenada, I would contact local wholesalers in these countries to find some fabrics representing these holidays. Looking for fabric was my favorite part of the week because not only did I get paid for walking around but I got to meet some of the biggest sources in the Fashion District.

Part III

       Being a part of communities help build   your career and your personal growth. Communities can range from your local neighborhood to your profession. One of the communities that will be discussed and that I identify with is the Businesses to Locals connect  community. It is a community that helps connect small restaurants and fashion businesses in NYC to local farmers and material makers. But, how does the community use the term “source/ sourcing” ? Business to Locals main task is sourcing. Business to Locals,  help businesses by finding goods or materials that adds to the uniqueness of their business.

          It is hard in today’s world with so many products being labeled as  health risks and so many people are following the trend with buying or using  organic and homemade products. Many restaurants tell customers that they sell and make food with  100% locally grown products. So many restaurants and other businesses try to get local, fresh products as they try to keep up with the trend. It is often very hard to for these business owners to find farmers or sellers that sell these products. This is where the community steps in. There is someone who is looking for the materials for certain businesses. For example, a post on facebook  from a wholesaler, may have a direct phone number for a farmer from Grenada, that produces nutmeg and cinnamon. Giving you the direct source for some spices that you may put in your cake recipes. Often when they can’t get you the products from the direct source, they help locate wholesalers in which a farmer or fabric maker sells to.

      Business to Locals connect many businesses together. Often when I am looking at the short memos they post on Facebook,  I notice many things out of the ordinary. Usually butchers assist restaurants or clothiers (people who sell fabric) support fashion designers but on Facebook  it is a mix match. I have seen restaurant owners give assistance to clothiers and fashion designers help out beauty stores. Looking at how they support each other shows me that sometimes it is the best way to make business partners is through helping them. They even helped get into contact with someone that sells flowers (not the flower shop) for a school event I was doing. It also showed me how good it feels to be in contact with the source rather than a third-party source. Due to the fact that third-part hosts usually charge a higher price for less material than the original source.

                Communities help us make connections, learn , and navigate. The term “source” is very important in any community but more important in the Business to Locals connect  community. Because of that term, many people are getting the right materials needed for their business. Many people don’t take advantage of it, but everyone in that community does when the opportunity arises.  

Part IV

Pictured above is one of the fabrics that I bought from a clothier. This dress was made for someone who was attending the St Lucia Independence Day Ball. This is one of the most common materials used around this holiday. At this ball there was about at least 50 % of this material being used as either a clothing item or a piece of decoration. My favorite thing about this purchase is the difference in currency, so when I overpaid they sent extra fabric or jewelry.


Merriam-webster definitions

Implanted or being as if implanted by nature

Based on an inherent sense of right and wrong

: being in accordance with or determined by nature natural impulses

b: having or constituting a classification based on features existing in nature

3a(1): begotten as distinguished from adopted their natural sonalso : LEGITIMATE

(2): being a relation by actual consanguinity as distinguished from adoption natural parents

b: ILLEGITIMATE natural child

4: having an essential relation with someone or something : following from the nature of the one in question his guilt is a natural deduction from the evidence

5: implanted or being as if implanted by nature : seemingly inborn natural talent for art

6: of or relating to nature as an object of study and research natural observations

7: having a specified character by nature natural athletes natural leader

8a: occurring in conformity with the ordinary course of nature : not marvelous or supernatural natural causes died a natural death

b: formulated by human reason alone rather than revelation natural religion natural rights

c: having a normal or usual character events followed their natural course

9: possessing or exhibiting the higher qualities (such as kindliness and affection) of human nature noble … brother … ever most kind and natural—William Shakespeare

10a: growing without human care also : not cultivated natural prairie unbroken by the plow

b: existing in or produced by nature : not artificial natural turf natural curiosities

c: relating to or being natural food

11a: being in a state of nature without spiritual enlightenment : UNREGENERATE natural man

b: living in or as if in a state of nature untouched by the influences of civilization and society

12a: having a physical or real existence as contrasted with one that is spiritual, intellectual, or fictitious corporation is a legal but not a natural person

b: of, relating to, or operating in the physical as opposed to the spiritual world natural laws describe phenomena of the physical universe

13a: closely resembling an original : true to nature

b: marked by easy simplicity and freedom from artificiality, affectation, or constraint Successful people are genuine and natural rather than synthetic and imitative.—Gilbert Seldes

c: having a form or appearance found in nature natural hair

14a: having neither flats or sharps the natural scale of C major

b: being neither sharp nor flat natural musical notes

c: having the pitch modified by the natural sign

15: of an off-white or beige color



Definition of Natural (Entry 2 of 2)

1: one born without the usual powers of reason and understanding

2a: a sign ♮ placed on any degree of the musical staff to nullify the effect of a preceding sharp or flat

b: a note or tone affected by the natural sign

3: a result or combination that immediately wins the stake in a game: such as

a: a throw of 7 or 11 on the first cast in craps

b: BLACKJACK sense 1b

4a: one having natural skills, talents, or abilities

b: something that is likely to become an immediate success

c: one that is obviously suitable for a specific purpose


History and Etymology for Natural


Middle English, from Anglo-French naturel, from Latin naturalis of nature, from naturanature

Part  II

The real world definition of natural is doing something without no effort or thought it’s just in you and comes out. Some people use the word as to say are those real? It can also be described as someone who is still the same or natural after fame. Natural also means real and never changing.

Part III

I’m part of many communities, but the one I most identify myself with is the basketball community as it has had a significant impact on my life, and has shaped me to be the person I am today. I have also made many friends through the basketball community as we play basketball together sometimes or even against each other. The term natural relates to many, but to me, the word has a different meaning in the basketball community than any other community.

In basketball, you can tell who has the skills and who doesn’t. This can be defined as a natural talent. If basketball players work hard, they’ll go far in the sport. However, those who have natural ability and don’t work hard it will just be a waste of natural talent which some wish they had. Natural in my community would be someone making a spin move that looks so easy, but when one tries to copy that move, it’s harder than expected.

Moreover, is not done as correctly as someone who can do it naturally. Some also have the natural ability to score the ball or even dribble the ball which not many can do. Only a handful of people are born with the genetics to play basketball at a young age and be good at it. Examples of young kids that are amazing at basketball would be, Lebron James Jr and Zaire Wade who are the kids of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. Both have the given genes of their fathers which is natural and given by birth. If I give a basketball to my nephew who’s is only four years old he wouldn’t be able to do what NBA player’s kids are doing. You have to be unique at what you do. That’s why there are three divisions of basketball in college. There’s division 1 which are players that coaches believe can go to the big league which is the NBA. Division 2 is where players who aren’t ranked are playing basketball and are just not as good as those in division 1. Then there’s division 3 which is where players who don’t have good grades go to try to get better grades and move up in divisions.

In conclusion, the word natural can be used in different ways and seen in many communities in different ways. There are many ways to describe natural, and this is mine.


Part IV

This picture shows me with a basketball as I am part of the basketball community. This picture was taken the last game of the season and my last game of playing high school basketball. I played for the school team for four years, and I even ended up winning a championship trophy which is in the school. My senior season was crazy as we had expectations of winning it all again but injuries hurt the team. I ended up having a blood clot in my left thigh that ended up spreading into a hematoma.  So my leg was blue/purple of a hit I took to my thigh while in practice and I played through it which made it worse to a point where I couldn’t play for a whole month without no physical activities which derailed our team.

Global and Local

Part I:


1: spherical

2: of, relating to, or involving the entire world : worldwide

; also : of or relating to a celestial body (such as the moon)

3: of, relating to, or applying to a whole (such as a mathematical function or a computer program) : universal


1: characterized by or relating to position in space : having a definite spatial form or location

2: of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular place : not general or widespread: of, relating to, or applicable to part of a whole

3: primarily serving the needs of a particular limited district: making all the stops on a route

4: involving or affecting only a restricted part of the organism : topical

5: : of or relating to telephone communication within a specified area

Part II:

Global:  The term global can be used to talk about the idea of something expanding as a whole  all over the world or a certain group. For example technology, businesses and even social media trends have been spread throughout the whole world.

Local: The term local can be can use it when they are around their neighborhood or within that area. For example, Ally visits the local store. Another way to explain local can be something around you or close by where you live.

Part III:

             The terms “global” and “local” can relate to the Latino Community because when someone is coming from another country to live in a place they’ve never been to before, they tend to find a community or an area that makes them feel like they’re back in their country.  For example when they were in back in their country, there would be people speaking the language they speak or let’s say they celebrate a certain day no one else does, they would most likely try to find that comfort zone. These little details can be global because it was originally from a different country and only certain people share those same connections. It can also be local because it’s close to where they live so they have easy access to it.

             An example of this idea is when my parents decided to move to the U.S. together, they had certain conditions that they wanted in their new community.  Some of the things that were important to them was to look for places that have restaurants that serve foods that come from Dominican Republic, a corner store in case they run out of coffee, and most importantly they wanted to live near people that spoke Spanish.  They needed to be able to communicate with others who spoke Spanish while they were learning English.

            Another way global and local can relate to the Latino community is when someone owns a business and would like to expand it by traveling to different countries.  If you expand your business to where Latinos are, you can market your items and sell them. For example in Dominican Republic when you’re out on the streets, you see all sorts of vendors: Icee vendors, vendors that sell fresh and seasoned mangos, vendors that sell empanadas, and other types of handheld delicacies. Where I live you can see those same vendors trying to sell their items. Also, when opening a new restaurant and you want your menu to be different types of Latino foods, your location would most likely be a local neighborhood where there are more Latinos. Why? Well when opening those types of restaurants or selling those items doing so near a Latino community can cause you to have more customers and your business to be more successful since you have people that recognize those types of foods and items.

            In conclusion, the terms global and local can both link into the Latino community. Globally, the Latino community can make others feel like they are back home because they have a support that only certain people can offer. Locally, the Latino community can create a business and uplift those around them with their products.

Part IV– These two pictures show how the community changes words to Spanish so that people can understand directions and where they are and they also have business signs up both in Spanish and English.