Word: Ā Sustainable


1: capable of being sustained

2a: of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. //sustainable techniques sustainable agriculture

b: of or relating to a lifestyle involving the use of sustainable methods. //sustainable society

Part 2

My Meaning: In my sense of the word sustainable, I believe that the word has a positive meaning. To be sustainable within a community, it’s to bring people from that or other communities and work together on either a goal or a mind set of what they are trying to accomplish.

Part 3:

Brooklyn, an island separated from the mainland of the United States. One of the five boroughs of New york City, we come across the dirty Streets, garbage scented corners, and little creatures surrounding us as we walk through both the day and night. As time ticks, people get worse towards trying to help the environment, helping the streets they walk upon, helping the community they not only live in, but fight for as well. Being born in Brooklyn made me feel apart of a being, apart of a community. This community that has been developed by the people who are working, born, and or live within the borough of Brooklyn. The community that past people stood upon and fought for not only to get their voices heard, but to get their community equal as one. Brooklyn is divided into different communities within the borough. With the overall Brooklyn community we have the Canarsie community, Ozone park community, Williamsburg community, East New York community and etc. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, an island that is not connected to the mainland, I’ve come across multiple problems within my community. Not only are some buildings destroyed but the environment within the Brooklyn community are dirty. Within my neighborhood of East New York Brooklyn the environment is mostly like the rest of Brooklyn, dirty. We the people of the Brooklyn community have a sustainability to develop a system where we can help keep the parks, streets and neighborhoods clean.

The main focus of the Brooklyn community is to change the name that people give. Others have come to the conclusion that Brooklyn is dirty, scary and nasty. We have the power to change the way Brooklyn is looked at and spoken about. Just by cleaning up streets, cross-ways and more we can make a big difference and develop a positive action within the community.

Throughout the Brooklyn community the people are trying to design a well, green and clean community. The people of Brooklyn are using rooftops, residential communal spaces and more, by producing a green community space. These spaces are designed to plant multiple amounts of greens, such as; flowers and crops. The Brooklyn population wants to make their community not only friendly but more green and clean. Over 150 participants that have come across multiple other communities, joined together to discuss the urban sustainability by getting others to know through the workforce, buildings, the youth and more. Getting the youth to come together to help the community clean up and get back on its feet brings more people to the community and opens more opportunities to others to help put their time and needs into the Brooklyn community.

Throughout the different communities others come together to help each others communities. We seek help within each others eyes and tend to do what’s right when others are around, depending on one another and how we cooperate with each other. We are sustainable to work together and help the Brooklyn community strive together to one goal, help maintain the community and help grow with a positive manner and outcome.



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