Merriam-webster definitions

Implanted or being as if implanted by nature

Based on an inherent sense of right and wrong

: being in accordance with or determined by nature natural impulses

b: having or constituting a classification based on features existing in nature

3a(1): begotten as distinguished from adopted their natural sonalso : LEGITIMATE

(2): being a relation by actual consanguinity as distinguished from adoption natural parents

b: ILLEGITIMATE natural child

4: having an essential relation with someone or something : following from the nature of the one in question his guilt is a natural deduction from the evidence

5: implanted or being as if implanted by nature : seemingly inborn natural talent for art

6: of or relating to nature as an object of study and research natural observations

7: having a specified character by nature natural athletes natural leader

8a: occurring in conformity with the ordinary course of nature : not marvelous or supernatural natural causes died a natural death

b: formulated by human reason alone rather than revelation natural religion natural rights

c: having a normal or usual character events followed their natural course

9: possessing or exhibiting the higher qualities (such as kindliness and affection) of human nature noble … brother … ever most kind and natural—William Shakespeare

10a: growing without human care also : not cultivated natural prairie unbroken by the plow

b: existing in or produced by nature : not artificial natural turf natural curiosities

c: relating to or being natural food

11a: being in a state of nature without spiritual enlightenment : UNREGENERATE natural man

b: living in or as if in a state of nature untouched by the influences of civilization and society

12a: having a physical or real existence as contrasted with one that is spiritual, intellectual, or fictitious corporation is a legal but not a natural person

b: of, relating to, or operating in the physical as opposed to the spiritual world natural laws describe phenomena of the physical universe

13a: closely resembling an original : true to nature

b: marked by easy simplicity and freedom from artificiality, affectation, or constraint Successful people are genuine and natural rather than synthetic and imitative.—Gilbert Seldes

c: having a form or appearance found in nature natural hair

14a: having neither flats or sharps the natural scale of C major

b: being neither sharp nor flat natural musical notes

c: having the pitch modified by the natural sign

15: of an off-white or beige color



Definition of Natural (Entry 2 of 2)

1: one born without the usual powers of reason and understanding

2a: a sign ♮ placed on any degree of the musical staff to nullify the effect of a preceding sharp or flat

b: a note or tone affected by the natural sign

3: a result or combination that immediately wins the stake in a game: such as

a: a throw of 7 or 11 on the first cast in craps

b: BLACKJACK sense 1b

4a: one having natural skills, talents, or abilities

b: something that is likely to become an immediate success

c: one that is obviously suitable for a specific purpose


History and Etymology for Natural


Middle English, from Anglo-French naturel, from Latin naturalis of nature, from naturanature

Part  II

The real world definition of natural is doing something without no effort or thought it’s just in you and comes out. Some people use the word as to say are those real? It can also be described as someone who is still the same or natural after fame. Natural also means real and never changing.

Part III

I’m part of many communities, but the one I most identify myself with is the basketball community as it has had a significant impact on my life, and has shaped me to be the person I am today. I have also made many friends through the basketball community as we play basketball together sometimes or even against each other. The term natural relates to many, but to me, the word has a different meaning in the basketball community than any other community.

In basketball, you can tell who has the skills and who doesn’t. This can be defined as a natural talent. If basketball players work hard, they’ll go far in the sport. However, those who have natural ability and don’t work hard it will just be a waste of natural talent which some wish they had. Natural in my community would be someone making a spin move that looks so easy, but when one tries to copy that move, it’s harder than expected.

Moreover, is not done as correctly as someone who can do it naturally. Some also have the natural ability to score the ball or even dribble the ball which not many can do. Only a handful of people are born with the genetics to play basketball at a young age and be good at it. Examples of young kids that are amazing at basketball would be, Lebron James Jr and Zaire Wade who are the kids of Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. Both have the given genes of their fathers which is natural and given by birth. If I give a basketball to my nephew who’s is only four years old he wouldn’t be able to do what NBA player’s kids are doing. You have to be unique at what you do. That’s why there are three divisions of basketball in college. There’s division 1 which are players that coaches believe can go to the big league which is the NBA. Division 2 is where players who aren’t ranked are playing basketball and are just not as good as those in division 1. Then there’s division 3 which is where players who don’t have good grades go to try to get better grades and move up in divisions.

In conclusion, the word natural can be used in different ways and seen in many communities in different ways. There are many ways to describe natural, and this is mine.


Part IV

This picture shows me with a basketball as I am part of the basketball community. This picture was taken the last game of the season and my last game of playing high school basketball. I played for the school team for four years, and I even ended up winning a championship trophy which is in the school. My senior season was crazy as we had expectations of winning it all again but injuries hurt the team. I ended up having a blood clot in my left thigh that ended up spreading into a hematoma.  So my leg was blue/purple of a hit I took to my thigh while in practice and I played through it which made it worse to a point where I couldn’t play for a whole month without no physical activities which derailed our team.

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