Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

Project 3 draft


  1. Jocelyn Nacimba

    So far your drafts looks good. What I would recommend is to focus more on explaining the application of second order differential equations in op-amps and not too much on what are op-amps and the types. You can write a brief summary allowing the reader to get a understanding of what are op-amps, but the reader should also get an insight of the connections between the math concepts and op-amps.

  2. Javier Bonilla

    It is clear this was written for you. And your ideas are good but make sure to reorganize the text and points. I suggest including the equations in math format and not text for easy visualization.

  3. charlie

    I like the way you explained your project and how in depth you went with it, but I think you should change the layout of your report. Everything seems kind of cluttered which could make things confusing to new students who read it, you should write formulas properly and make the example more visible. Overall it is a good project and I also believe you chose option A.

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