Professor Kate Poirier | D772 | Spring 2023

My Week in Mat 2680

My week usually starts off with me going to my CET 3640 class on Monday. Tuesday I have our math class. Around 5 pm I would start trying todo webwork. I would first look at it and see if I know how to solve the work. If I do not I would look over our class notes. After 2 hours of trying and looking at my notes, if I am still lost I will as someone in the chats and usually someone helps. Once’s I get the help I can finish the math homework. The Wednesday I would try and do the second webwork around 8 pm, but most of the time I would do parts I know and wait for the Thursday class. Because usually after Thursday I know how to do all the work. Thursday I would try and finish the the second Webwork. I would do what I did Tuesday, try without my notes then use my notes. Friday I would try and make sure all the webwork questions are done and I know the topic. I would first ask the chat for help if I am lost. On Saturdays I go to tutoring. I like going Saturdays because not much people go to it since its in the mornings. So I can ask all the questions I need help on. Sunday I would just relax and finish whatever homework I did not do yet. This changes every week because If the topic is easy, I can finish everything on the Tuesday or Wednesday. Or I would not need the tutor because the group chat helped a lot.

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  1. Atta Tariq

    hey kevin, I really liked the idea how you study same day as class day and you go for tutoring I am also thinking to start coming to tutoring.

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