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Preparing for The Internship Course

HMGT students working towards their BTech degree are required to complete the internship course. Watch this video which shares information about preparing for the internship requirement.

“When looking for an internship I recommend for you to be professional (it should always be that way). Include your resume in the email because they may ask for it. To find internships use Handshake, the job search on Google, the website where you plan to do your internship, or ask your classmates and professors.

Be patient. I applied to more than 5 hotels and only one replied to me. And guess what? They approved my internship. Good luck!” 

Laurel Polanco, HMGT Student

Links to information presented in this video:

  • The Professional Development Center’s home page.
  • The Professional Development Center’s four-year road map offers recommendations for you to begin learning and exploring your interest and building a path to career achievement. We encourage you to start your career exploration as early as your freshman year at City Tech. It’s never too early to begin preparing for your career journey.
  • Visit the HMGT Student Resources page for a list of advisors, clubs, and other enrichment activities
  • HMGT BTech requirements and course of study can be found here.
  • Take a look at our department’s partners, you can see the vast array of companies we connect with throughout the year.

An Explanation of “Elective Classes Allowed”

HMGT students have the opportunity to select elective courses that and explore courses that are of interest to them. Watch this video to learn more about how to satisfy the elective classes credits

I wasn’t sure what exactly elective credits are. I thought they were the classes that had to be chosen from specific categories but we still had the freedom to choose what we want. I didn’t know they were classes where we were able to choose any type of class. An academic advisor explained to me that these classes can be from my major to learn more about a specialty in the Hospitality industry or any other course.

Elaine Suarez, Sophomore, HMGT

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How to Apply for a Degree

In this video you will learn how to apply for a degree and also how to verify your eligibility to apply for graduation.

Note, graduation is not automatic, you must apply, notifying the college that it is time to verify completion of a degree.

Links to information presented in this video:

If you are ready to apply for graduation CONGRATULATIONS, you did it, you are about to be an alum of City Tech! If you have question, contact your academic advisor.