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The Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund Apprenticeship Program

The Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund (ASLF) seeks to sponsor young adults for one month apprenticeship opportunities on farms, similar to those that Anne engaged in during her early 20’s. Participants will work full-time with a farm/production team for a 30-day immersive experience.

The Anne Saxelby Legacy Fund believes that an exchange program like this can teach young adults to appreciate the hard work of farm life, get a glimpse into a new artisan trade, learn about the importance of sustainability and being good neighbors, and incentivize apprentices to launch a business like Anne’s.

An Apprentice will:

●      Pair with a participating farm or food business for a one month working   apprenticeship

●      Apprentices will participate in farming and production activities and will follow a curriculum that gives a general and overarching experience of the operation

●      Participants will be housed, fed, and compensated for their time and travel

Learn more about The Anne Saxelby Legacy Apprenticeship Program Here

HMGT students entering the HMGT 1203 Culinary Arts I and HMGT 1204 Pastry Arts I are required to be in full uniform and have culinary tool kits on the first day of class. View this PDF to see examples of the uniform and tool kit and learn about what is included.

Professionalism for me is everything and is exhibited the moment I put on my uniform. From the tip of my hat to the bottom of my non slip shoes, nothing is overlooked, I make sure my coat is clean with no wrinkles, my pants do not drag, and my apron is well tied.

For students who are just beginning their lab classes, ensuring your uniform and knife kit are well maintained will give you confidence, and will also show your professors and the people around you that you are ready to work, and it also ensures your safety!

Martha Tenesaca, HMGT Student

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