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Strategic Approaches for Selecting an Interdisciplinary Course Selection

When choosing my ID course I considered whether or not I could handle the class, if I had the prerequisites, and if it would fit my schedule. I chose SOC 2401ID Society, Technology and Self and I took my ID class in the summer.

Gamanya Metellus, HMGT Student, Senior

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You can always contact your HMGT Academic Advisor for assistance, here is the list of advisors.

The Importance of Applying for An AAS Degree

The Department of Hospitality Management offers students two degree options, an AAS and a BTech. This video will explain the importance of applying for your AAS degree. Watch this video to learn why apply for an AAS degree is important.

“I met with an advisor to clarify my best next steps toward graduation, I learned about options for classes, talked about my academic journey, and even learned that I could earn an AAS as well as a BTech degree. My advisor gave me advice and let me know that I can contact them again.”

Gamanya Metellus, HMGT Student, Senior

Check your course completion on degree works and the requirements for and AAS degree in hospitality management on the department’s home page. If you are planning to apply for your AAS degree you can learn how to do so on CUNYFirst, this tutorial will provide you with more information on applying for your degree. You can also talk about applying for graduation with an HMGT Academic Advisor.

How to Apply for a Degree

In this video you will learn how to apply for a degree and also how to verify your eligibility to apply for graduation.

Note, graduation is not automatic, you must apply, notifying the college that it is time to verify completion of a degree.

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If you are ready to apply for graduation CONGRATULATIONS, you did it, you are about to be an alum of City Tech! If you have question, contact your academic advisor.

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