Gun Hill Brewing Co. – Update

This was actually my favorite part of the class. When I was making my plans for this trip I wanted it to be something me and my family member could be, so I figured the best time to go would be during spring break for I had about two weeks off from school. I had three places in mind

  1. Millbrook Vineyards & Winery – 26 Wing Road, Millbrook, NY 12545
  2.  Gun Hill Brewing Co. – 3227 Laconia Ave, Bronx, NY 10469
  3.  Some place in Long Island

The place in L.I. was more of a last resort so I didn’t do much research for it. Some of my family members live in the area and if I found myself in between a rock and a hard place then we would just make a weekend adventure out of my project. The more the merrier; this was a first-time experience for not only me but my family as well, I wanted everyone to understand some of the joys of life. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I was overcome with happiness when I found Millbrook Vineyards & Winery, not only did they compensate the fee for entry for students but they also had a coupon on Groupon for groups. I guess the timing wasn’t right for my time at Millbrook because I and my family didn’t make it.  My mother had a doctors’ appointment beforehand and the drive was about 2 hours give or take, so my brother and I just canceled that plan, but our Groupon can still be used at a later date.

However, that same day we did have time to take a visit to Gun Hill Brewing Co. which as the name states is not actually on Gun Hill Road but is on Laconia Avenue. The name Gun Hill came from the brave soldiers who climbed said Hill to fight off the Britsh army (Gun Hill Brewing Company). With a name like this to represent the Bronx, this was the best choice. My top three choices there was one outside my comfort zone, and one was a safety net. Since it was only a 5-7 minutes drive to the brewery we figured why not go check it out, and at the end of the day it would fulfill my requirements.

This brewery is only 3 years old with its opening being in the year of 2014, and the locals really love their unfiltered beers. “One notable brewer of the style is in the Bronx, which had a breakout year in 2016″(Licata) according to the Daily Meal, in 2016 GHBC collaborated with the Broadway show “Hamilton” to craft a brew. Not only was the brew a big hit, but some of the profit goes towards a charity that was established by Alexander Hamilton’s late wife.

Upon entering I thought I was in the wrong place. It basically looked like a fancy garage.

My brother mentioned that he knew where it was that we were heading to, he and my uncles occasionally stop by when they want something different. He thought my reaction to walking in was funny but assured me it does like a “fancy garage”. In the back, you can see where the magic happens. All the beers served here are made in the same place. Of course, there is a border to how far you can go into the premises. This is where the hard part comes in. It was really hard for me to get a tour of the place. The first time the manager didn’t have time, and I understood because it was last minute, I made sure to get a business card so I could call next time. The second time when I called the day that I was given was way after this assignment was due, so I turned it down. The third time didn’t work out either. In the pictures below you can see for yourself what it was like for my first visit to one of the Bronxs’ many diamonds in the rough.

Here in this picture is how their tap is set up. The person seen is the very helpful and only bartender at GHB co. Even though we weren’t able to get a tour she made sure my mother, brother and I enjoyed our time spent there.


The front of the menu which showed the beer list, guest taps ( brews only there for a certain time), beers/brews coming soon, and two cocktails they offer, both made with their brews in it

Beer cocktails was actually a new term for me. Not only did the two they carried sound delicious but when I watched the bartender make one it look really good. To define what a beer cocktail consist of is simple “some style of beer mixed with other ingredients to produce a finished, balanced drink. While most traditional cocktails are made with hard liquor as a base, beer cocktails don’t necessarily have to feature anything but beer“(VinePair). Apparently, this is a rather new concept to the brewing world and I can’t wait to try it.

The back of the  menu which showed their appetizers and some of the upcoming events held there

On this wall in front of the bar was the brews for that day we went

When you walk in there is a wall to the right where all their famous brews are. These brews never go away.

Apparently, they stopped doing tasting of their brews however, you can bring the goodness home with you

This board shows how you can order each brew and how much they cost. Then there is another small on which show the hours.

Even though there were no tastings of the brews,  the bartender (I feel bad because she never gave us her name but she helped me so much. I forgot to get her name by the end of our visit. She even comped half our bill.) did let us sample any brew we seemed interested in. I couldn’t taste due to age but I took notes from my brothers’ approval.

From Left to Right
Nine Pin Cider Rose 6.9% Cider with grapes and blueberries, E. Pluribus Lupulin Citrea 9.3%, Stron Rope and Gun Hill State Fare ‘Murican Pale Ale 5.3%, Kentucky Common Barrel Aged 6.4%.
On the bottom are their Empanadas which aren’t made in-house but delivered fresh from a Latino restaurant close by delivered every morning, and served that same day. There are only two kinds, Chicken and cheese, and a Chop-cheese which was my favorite. I couldn’t have any beer so I had about 4-5 of those bad boys.


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Wine and Spirits Discount Warehouse

My family frequents the liquor whenever there a celebration to have, and with my cultural background, there is always something to celebrate. This liquor store that I visited back in February is one that we frequent often, and though I’m not of drinking age I can give my opinion that I rather favor the shop. Upon entering the store, I was able to get help right away from the staff members at the cash register who then lead me to Trueman Haskell III who is the General Manager of Wine and Spirits Discount Warehouse. He was able to answer all my questions though there weren’t too many, and with me already knowing the store I only need info mostly on their wine section. Here are some pictures I was able to take of the wine choices they had, such as their red section that included Merlot, the white section where I found our recent study if Sauvignon Blanc, and of course, box wine.

As I went further into to the store near the back I found a refrigerator that I’m familiar with that holds the wine I see when I walk in. Trueman told me that where they keep most of the wines that don’t see, which is a way for them to move product that hasn’t done well on profit. This actually clarifies why whenever my brothers and I walk in there a note is on the door explaining some type of sale. Which we usually walk past, to be honest.

The wine that is refrigerated and may be resold

The box wine was something I’ve always heard of but, has never actually seen; it was later explained that there’s usually a pouch inside to hold the wine because I couldn’t figure out how something like that was possible.

Near the front of the store all the way to the left I found where another good part of their wines resides in regions rather than grape variety. From New York to Australia to Syrah there were many wines there waiting for the seals to be broken. By the end of my visit, I felt I had more than enough info and thanked Trueman for his help. Here are the questions I asked along with his answers in quotations.

What are some wines you desire to have in your shop?

“We have a little bit of everything. Wine is very diverse so we try to take it all in”

What are some struggles you have while in this location?

“There isn’t much to complain about. We’re right next to grocery store (ShopRite), so business is good.”

What are your best sellers/where do most of your profit go?

“Most of our wine profit goes to the less expensive names such as Yellow Tail, and Barefoot, which go for $10-$12.”

Do You make your own wine?

“No, I leave that for the pros”

Below I took a picture of some that caught my eye, I should warn you I know very little about wine and mostly just like liquor/alcohol for the pretty bottles.

Country- America Region- California Grape Variety- Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage- 2013 Producer- Down By Law

Country- New Zealand Region- Marlborough Grape Variety- Sauvignon Blanc Vintage- 2015 Producer- Starborough