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Why do we study wine? As a beginner of tasting wine, there are some significant benefits. We will become more confident buying wine and be able to taste differences in quality. Of course, learning to identify wine quality can be so eye-opening that you may never see a lot wine the same again (Winefolly, 2016). My friends and I drove two hours to visit a vineyard. It is called Pindar Vineyard. Pindar Vineyard is located at 37645 Main Road Peconic, Long Island, NY, 1195


After arrived at the vineyard, I saw beautiful clouds above the sky. The vineyard is really big.  As I walked into the vineyard, the whole room was toned and decorated with wood color and all of the wines were represented by categories in grape variety and blends. The employee Terry has assisted us with all our questions. We explained the reason why we were here and she was really kind to help us. However, it was disappointed because Terry told us they do not open tour service until May 27th. Even though we did not get a chance to visit inside the barrel and the view of the production facility, but Terry tried her best to answer our questions and showed us other things that was interested.

   wine section

The tasting room and bar service.

 All different kind of bottle opener

Terry started from introducing the background of vineyard. It was opened in 1979. At Pindar, “we strive to create more impactful wines with less impact on the environment.” There were 15 grape varieties are grown in this vineyard: Pindar grows Sauvignon Blanc, pinot Noir, Chardonnay (steel fermented), Riesling, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. Their vinification process is the same as most wineries. Vinification means the wine making, how the wines are made (Karen Macneil 2015).  As we walked around the room, we saw that there is a table with many kinds of corkscrew and bottle opener. We also had the opportunity to see the tasting area even though we did not taste the wines. Terry said that if we did the wine tasting, then we could select five different kinds of wine from the menu. There were two wines that Terry recommended to people who try wines for the first time. Scarlett is a red sweeter wine that cost $12.99 and she also recommended Viognier because it is unique and extremely good.


After, Terry took us to outside of the vineyard to see the vine. Unfortunately, we did not see any grapes grew. We also have the opportunity to see the stainless tanks.

 the vineyard in the Pindar stainless tanks

Although, the tour is not available we still have a lot fun with this lovely weather. However, I have better understanding of the vineyard and the visuals of how the wine are made. The environment and experience make me want it come back visit again.

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