Retail Wine

I visited Heights Chateau located on 123 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Heights Chateau  is a neighborhood store known for personal service, various selection of wine, value and most importantly prestige taste. The retail wine store is simple and classic with loyal customers that is led by Matthew LaSora, who is an assistant in the store that helps customers for spirit and sensibility, He gives guidance due to customers due to the  2000 wine selection as well as providing the perfect bottle at the right temperature along with the right price.

As I entered the store, I noticed that there were labels on each row of the shelf based on the countries around the world as well as labels for restricted diets. As seen in the pictures below:

I spoke with the store manager, Tony, who worked at Heights Chateau for 28 years. Tony gave recommendation of his favorite wines as well as informing me about more wines. Throughout the visit, I could tell that he knew how to upsell the wine as well as figuring out which wines to have in their store was determined through tastings, and price.

Tony continued informing me about the higher quality wines and how they were placed lying down, on its side and others were placed in the fridge. Based on what we learned in class, I believed wines should be best placed lying down on its side to moisten the cork, rather than sitting upright. Also, wine bottles should be placed in a dim-lit area so the wine would not change in temperature, taste, or growing molds.

Tony’s knowledge and excellent and friend service made the experience nice. Being in the store, learning about his store, and how to sell wine was a good experience to go through because I learned more information about the retail wine.

Although I enjoyed visiting Heights Chateau, there are some improvements that many help the wine store better. I believe some wines were misplaced and did not contain labels on some red, white and sparlings.

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