The link to the PDF of the syllabus is here: syllabus s17 hmgt 2402 goodlad

Updated 4/27

Updated as of April 5th

Use this schedule, it is updated due to the snow day we had on 2/9.


Week 12, May 4

Wine of Germany

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 926 and 547-584

Tasting: German Wine

Quiz: Wine Regulations, Wine Regions and Grape Varietals of  Italy


Week 13, May 11  Beer

Quiz: Wine Regions and Varietals of Germany and Fortified Wine

Required reading: To be distributed

Tasting: Beer

Assignment Due: Tasting Notes

Week 14, May 18 Distillation and Spirits of the World

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 313-322

Required Media Review:

Tasting: None

Assignment Due:  Beverage Experience

Week 15, May 25

Final, Tasting: Blind


Week 1, February 2 Introduction to Wine & Beverage Management, Introduction to Vinification and Beverage Terms

Week 2, February 9 Class Canceled

Week 3, February 16 Viticulture & Vinification and Professional Beverage Service

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 3-52,  101-114 and  130-135


Week 4, February 23 Prohibition; Sales: Rules, Regulations, Strategy;  and Wine of North America: New York, Washington, Oregon

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 665-672,  743-780 and 927-928

Required Media Review:

Tasting: New York, Washington, Oregon

Assignment Due:  Questions for the Retail Analysis

Week 5, March 2 Wine of California

Quiz:  Viticulture, Vinification, Prohibition, Service, Sales

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 665-742

Tasting: California Wines

Week 6, March 9 Wine of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 823-862, 893-906, 928, 929 and 930

Tasting: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa

Week 7, March 16 Introduction to the Rules and Regulations of the European Union, Introduction to the Wine Regions of France

Quiz: North American Wine Regions, California, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 923-924, 137-292

Tasting: French White Wine and Champagne

Assignment Due:  Retail Analysis

Week 8, March 23 Wine of Bordeaux, Burgundy, The Rhone Valley

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 923-924, 143-172, 197-260

Tasting: French Red Wine

Week 9, March 30

Italy: Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giula

Quiz, EU Rules, France Wine and Wine Regions

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 924, 323-400

Tasting: Italian Regional Wine and Sparkling Wine

Week 10, April 6

Wine of Italy

Week 11, April 27

Fortified Wine

Required reading: MacNeil, Pages 929, 925, 509-536, and 455-472

Tasting: Porto, Madeira, Sherry

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