Winery Visit Assignment

For this assignment I decided to visit a winery called “Make Wine with Us” in New Jersey.  The person who assisted me was Mr. John who is the owner of this winery. He has been in this business for about 10 years after he took it from his father.  My visit lasted around 35 minutes. Even though they were busy, all the staff were really amazing, friendly and patient. I really recommend this place to all my classmates. 

Make Wine with Us is a winery where you can make your own wine, they don’t sell wine to any retail store.  They make profit out of all of wines that they make for their customers. In addition, Make Wine with Us offers you the opportunity to experience the ancient process of winemaking through fun filled, and hands on classes. 

During my visit to this winery Mr. John explained me the process on how they make wine. The first thing that he does is select what type of grape he is going to use to make the wine, according to him to be able to make wine it has to be 750 pounds of grapes.  They also buy their grapes from retails from different places such as: California, South Africa, and Chile.

Every barrel represents a customer.  The person in this picture is a worker.   At that moment he was moving some of the barrels where the fermentation was made to the other side of the room.  Also, there were some customers that were waiting for their barrels to get down so they can taste their own wine and see if it was ready to buy it.

This winery can store more than 100 barrels of wine. Some of the wines are stored in these barrels for one or two years unless the client wants to come and taste the wine. In addition, most of the wine they make is red wine and 90% is dry. In this winery, they make wine twice a year (spring and autumn).

Here there are two pictures where you can see the difference in the clear little tubes.  Both tubes have a little bit of water, and to make sure that the wine is fermented both tube has to equal the amount of water as you can see in the second picture.  This a method that Mr. John uses to make sure that the fermentation is ready, so they can move to the next step. 


This are some of the equipment that they use to make wine.  According to Mr. John some of the wines that he makes take from one to two years to be ready. 

Visiting this place was an incredible experience. This experience opened my interest in knowing more about the wine industry. I really recommend Make Wine with Us to all my classmates and those who also want to learn about wine production.

Retail Wine Shop Assignment

Retail Wine Shop Assignment

For this project I visited the Astor Wine and Spirits at Lafayette Street. My visit lasted around 40 minutes.   It was an incredible experience, the staff and the manager were super friendly and patient. I really recommend this wine store to all my classmates.  This was my second time going to a winery store. And since I walk into the store I was super surprised by looking at all the types of wines that they have.  Mr. Bill who is a retail customer service representative was super friendly and knowledge about his job. He showed me how the wine store is designed, which is from old to new wines, what type of wines they have, I also asked him why he is working in a wine store.

The Astor Wine and Spirits store is designed by old and new world of wines. Their wines are also organized by regions and geography. Which I think is a good idea because you can see and explore the old world first and then see the new world of wines. They also sell organic wines which also interests me because I have never tasted an organic wine before. Mr. Bill walked me through all the entire store, and the region that more cough my attention was California.  I didn’t know that in this region produce wine until I found it at the class. 

This was an amazing experience, I really learned more about the different types of wines, and how a store can organize their wines. 

Shelf Talker:

This is a wine made from grown organically using natural compositing techniques and special preparations of herbal sprays.  It is vibrant and fresh on the palate. Provence has some of the best vine growing territory in the world, with a perfect mediterranean climate tempered by the cooling effects of the sea.

Red from Spain:

When we got to this region, one of the things that I remember that Mr. Bill said was that the most famous region of Spain is Rioja because they make the best wine. This a 2016 red wine from Spain.  

Sparkling wine from Italy

This is a sparkling rose made from Lambrusco di Sorbara grape that was harvested earlier to preserve acidity and freshness. Moreover, this Lambrusco rose is full of red berried fruit on the palate, and off dry and sparkling.  Its price is $9.96 and I think is affordable.  

                    Red wine from California:

The region I didn’t know was California. I discovered it in class. California has been making wine for decades. This is a red wine 2017 made with Pinot Noir grape; This wine has a good taste and a perfect balance in the mouth.