retail wine shop assignment

The wine location I went to was PJ Wine in Inwood. It’s located at 4898 Broadway New York, NY. It’s around 204th street in Manhattan. This location is a warehouse style Liquor store, so it was very spacious. As I walked in they had a slight incline in the walkway, and an automatic door. When I got to the door and entered I was greeted by an enthusiastic host. Along the whole wall they have wines organized by country and the countries consisted of everything from Spain, to New Zealand to South African. They also had wine on the floor, but most of the liquor like Hennessey, Irsih Whiskey, and Tequila. 

I liked the organization of the store. The fact that they had the liquor split by categories and everything was spaced out good it helped. Also everything Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they have tastings of both wines and liquors, of both new arrivals, and sale items they’re trying to push out. I had the opportunity to try Bushmills Irish Whiskey. For some reason they didn’t have “shelf talkers” in the store. I seen a sign that I thought was one but the worker said that it was just a paper explaining the organic wine options. 

The part of the store arrangement I didn’t was the cashier lines. The start of the line wasn’t clearly showed. There was a worker there but she didn’t make it known where the line began or ended. So until they called next I just stood there hoping I was going the right direction. 


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  1. Ralik,
    That store that you went to for your assignment with the warehouse aesthetic sounds really cool. Its unfortunate that they did not have shelf talkers though because they are extremely helpful especially for people that do not know anything about wine. It can be super overwhelming to walk into a wine store without knowing anything and have to choose something based on the bottle or the name.

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