IPA, Beer

I am often asked “What is your favorite wine?”. I can’t answer that question. There is a lot to consider, food, season, mood, cost…and on and on. Beer, however, I do have one favorite it is IPA. I like the bitterness and feel it does with most foods, it transcends season and mood and cost, well, that fluctuates but, oh well, sometimes I will spend the extra dollar.


Champagne vs. Prosecco and more French Wine

I do not really love that the wines are being compared as they are only similar in that they are both sparkling wines. That said, this is a good way to learn about both. Please share your thoughts with the class about sparkling wine. Do you have a favorite?

Wine Folly Champagne/Prosecco


While you are at it, why not think about more sparkling wine Wine Folly French Sparklers


Expand Your Palate, One Circle at a Time

Different Types of Wine Infographic Chart

Which Path of Circles Will You Follow on Your Personal Exploration of Wine

As you expand your understanding of wine and the options you have take a look at this infogram from Wine Folly. Think about flavors you like and then choose some wines to taste between classes. Let me know what you tried and what you like and did not like. I will do the same!

Click here to view Wine Folly’s website.