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  1. Kings County Distillery

    For this assignment I decided to go to Kings County distillery because it was convenient for me to get there after work. Unfortunately I got there 30 minutes after 5pm so the tours were over. One of the people that work there however was nice enough to sit down and still enlighten me on the process of making spirits and the growth of the business since 2010 when they first open. I also took the opportunity to order a drink as well so I could say I tasted whiskey from the oldest distillery in NewYork. Kings county distillery is not only the oldest but also the largest is NewYork. When I arrived I went all the way into Wegmans supermarket because i was confused as to the location of the distillery. I was directed into the right place eventually but again was confused. So as I walked in, I knew I was in the right place only because the sign outside of the door said tour and bar and the smell of the bar wasn’t like that of others. When I walked in, there were people sitting down but no one behind the bar. I assumed that I had to go downstairs to find someone that worked there, and so I did. Now as i was going downstairs i felt like i was in a scary movie because the stairs were spiral and it was really quiet and a lot of locked doors. When I realized there was nothing down there I quickly came back up and went across the street to the other building and knocked on the door. Someone came out and i asked him may I please have a tour? I could tell by the look on his face that something was wrong. He said “ lets go inside the bar it’s cold out here”. We went back into the bar and he explained to me that I was late and I could come back another day. I knew that would not be possible with my work and school schedule so I asked him if he was willing to spend a little time explaining to me the process in which they make their product and how they are expanding their business because that place looked pretty small to me. He began to tell me that as a small company their ties actually run deep. They distribute to about 9 different international countries and 20 cities around America. As for the spirits, it is all mashed, fermented, distilled, and aged right there in the facility. They use grains and products 100%grown here in the U.S and traditional distilling equipment to prepare the beverages. The spirits get 50% of their color smell and taste from the charred oak barrels they are ages in. some of the tasting notes you may pick up from their bourbons are Caramel, Vanilla, and holiday spices. He then explained to get the full picture I needed to see all of the equipment that is used but since i cannot at the moment he suggested a drink so that i may taste the quality. Since I am not a big drinker, I do not know what good quality and bad quality spirits taste like but i agreed non the less because he did not have to take his time to discuss with me.

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