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Weekly Reflection 12/1/20

If I were a tourism professional I would recommend various things for pursuing happiness in NYC such as looking into going to any types of museums weather it be on art, music, history, or just a museum that makes you have fun such as the color factory museum or the museum of ice cream. To add on, you can go to different parks that are in NYC to just relax and to walk. In addition, one can go to aquariums, to the beach if the weather permits, or even have a picnic late at night or whenever you want again if weather permits. Finally, you can go on tour buses or helicopter tours but these types of tours are very expensive so if you plan to come to NYC and not spend a lot don’t look into these tours.

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Parks and museums is a great way to pursue happiness. I like that, in fact I recently when to the Met and Central Park, I was very happy.

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