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36 Hours In Red Hook

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36 Hours in Red Hook

By Gabriel Negron December, 7, 2016

Red Hook is located in a southwest corner of Brooklyn, and is riddled with a history that deserves being shared. What could once be described as the scenery of any mob movie one could think of is now a very multicultural and art inspired neighborhood. This area of the brooklyn waterfront is on the rise and with the introduction of many new restaurants , art studios , and trendy apartment complex’s it is still an uncovered diamond in the many attractions the newly discovered Brooklyn has to offer. Different from the rest of Brooklyn Red Hook is a slice of rural and urban life fused together.


  1.  Travel in a small neighborhood 3pm

If choosing to stay in a more populated part of Brooklyn fear not because travel to Red Hook is not as difficult as one would expect. New York is well known for how easy it is to travel without a car. With option such as a free shuttle bus to and from Downtown Brooklyn courtesy of Ikea as well as The B57 and B61 which travel through both the outskirts and the very heart of Red Hook. While looking outside on any one of these travel options one can see spectacular views such as the Manhattan Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, abandoned docks, and functioning docks. A first stop could be located at the end of Van Brunt street directly behind the long standing Fairway Market.  The market offers a cafe seating area only two feet from the Hudson River where many come just to relax and enjoy the full service buffet, grill , and cafe Fairway has to offer. The grill offering Fairways famous Lobster roll($9.99) where customers from all over brooklyn come to enjoy.

  1. Dinner in Thailand 7pm

With such a diverse community the food scene had to adapt to the growing palettes of its different potential community. Kao Soy is a must visit Northern Thai style restaurant one of its famous dishes is the Yum Som-O- a pomelo watercress and shrimp salad, garnished with Roasted Chile and baked coconut flakes. Also the crispy Half Duck served with Coconut Milk Green Curry many would feel as though they have traveled to another region with the authenticity of the food as well as the purity of the taste and the ingredients.

3.Adult Chocolate @ 10p

For a sophisticated night outing Cacao Prieto is a single origin Dominican Beans to bar facility. Making the freshest organic Dominican sourced chocolate using Cacao based liqueurs and rum as well as bean to bottle spirits. The founder Daniel Prieto Preston whose family has been farming Cacao for over 100 years.  They offers tours of the facility where they show how they create from the Cacao bean and along with the tours are offered tastings of some their product and all products are available for purchase. With chocolate bars ranging from $8-$17 dollars and a different percentage of Cacao  some even containing complementing fruit infusions and the staff is more than happy to offer pairing suggestions with in house spirits ,rum, and liqueurs.


  1. Sunrise 7am

Boasting amazing views of the Manhattan Skyline Valentino Pier is a go to destinations for its scenery. With a dock that extends about 200 feet out into the water it’s as if there is nothing but you and the sunrise as you are hit with its rays in the seemingly eternal 10 minute sunrise, the tranquility of the rivers waves along with the quietness of the seemingly nocturnal New York this is truly a part a Red Hook and Brooklyn not many get to see. Right outside of the pier is Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies offering made from scratch Key Lime Pies that people from all over the U.S. come to taste. Not only do they serve regular Key Lime Pie but they offer a Swingle which is a frozen 3 inch pie cover in chocolate and smeared with raspberry jelly on top of the Key Lime creme.

  1. Baked In Brooklyn

After an early morning of watching the sunrise coffee is a must and what better place than Baked an American bakery where each product is made on site from scratch. With a modern style decor using warm tones and wood counters and tables there is not a place more cozy to enjoy your mornings. With dishes such as a Sourdough Pullman toast with toppings such as avocado, zucchini chutney, herbed ricotta, and to top it off a sunny side up egg. The floor to ceiling glass door and entrance give customers the chance to check on the arrival of the B61 bus that stops right outside providing an additional service to customers in a rush to work.

  1. Cultural Education 12p

Pioneer Works is a studio offering a variety of cultural classes from, music, art, and cooking and uses these tools in order to showcase the talent of others and educate and bring  together people of different backgrounds. The Polyrhythm I course is what is being offered at this time and is taught by a Native New York Drummer(Greg Fox) teaching beginners and seasoned drummers alike on how to use the drums and educating them on Polyrhythm. His course is centered on recognition and accepting that everybody lives according to their own rhythm.

  1. Brooklyn Waterfront Artist @ 5p

Located in a enormous 19th century brick warehouse The Brooklyn Waterfront Coalition of artists is home to many local artists and holds annual art shows and auctions helping support artists and the community. With art styles such as geometric abstracts, portraits, sculptures, and photographs the Coalition has yet to fail in please guests who have come to show support in their appreciation of art. What better place to showcase the progression of artist than in a remodeled brick warehouse used in the exports and imports of goods no further than 70 years prior.

  1. Night Life 10p

If live music, great drinks, and and indy like vibe are what you are looking for , look no further than Sunny’s Bar. New Remodeled after being hit by Hurricane Sandy Sunny’s has remained its same family owned bar offering many local beers and quality hospitality and customer service to locals and newcomers alike. Offering many different types of music such as Jazz,Folk, Country, and Rock though the bar has an old sailor themed decor the crowd at night are filled with people of all ages. Many leave here boasting a night they will never forget.


  1. Who doesn’t like a diner  9am

When in Red Hook Hope and Anchor is a stop you won’t regret having been open for more than 20 years it is a place for families, friends, and recovering partygoers from the previous night. With an all day menu even at 9am one can order their famous Red Hook Burger topped with Cheddar cheese, crispy bacon , and grilled caramelized onions($8). For the kids they have a separate menu and offer the often sought after Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Powdered sugar and a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

  1. Local Boutiques

Before leaving you must bring back something from the many boutiques  riddled up Van Brunt street. From bike shops, to jewelry stores, to clothing, and even home decor Van Brunt has it all. The Erie Basin is a local jewelry shop containing vintage and antique jewelry and being serviced by Russell Whitmore who is famed in the neighborhood for his knowledge on his antiques the quality of the service is unforgettable . Instead of feeling pressured to purchase something you leave with a sense of knowledge on the antiques.


Staying in New York  

In December $348/night ( economy) $622/night (Luxury)

January $138/night ( economy) $333/night (luxury)

February $139/night (economy) $339/night (luxury)

The Carlyle Visit- Gabriel Negron

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What was the most significant information you learned while on the site visit?

Learning about the backgrounds of the different department managers definitely had a significant impact during our visit to the Carlyle. Hearing how many of them were like me unable to really decide which route to take but finding a passion in customer service and traveling it helped to reassure that I was doing something that would keep me interested.

How did you feel about going to The Carlyle?  

I was incredibly excited to visit the Carlyle, I wanted to experience firsthand the first class service they are so known for. Seeing the different suites and how they can cater to different kinds of guests was very intriguing as well as seeing some of the older tradition such as the elevator attendant Frank who told us he was an employee for 30 years. This told me just how much he enjoyed working at The Carlyle no matter the title and how the company treats their employees with care.

Brooklyn Bridge (Historic/Heritage Tourism)-Gabriel

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During our visit to the Brooklyn Bridge Park we learned about all the historic events that took place at our very feet and the many different things that were set in place before the creation of  the park itself. What was once the Fulton Ferry Landing which connected Brooklyn to manhattan is now the main entrance to the park, what was once piers full of warehouses and loading docks are now piers filled with different activities for locals and tourists alike. Though the park itself is a new attraction and isn’t centered around its extensive history the very entrance to this park pays homage to very to several historic events that helped shape our society today.