Mimi Chen 36 Hours in Manhattan, Below 59th Street


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36 Hours in Manhattan,

Below 59th Street


By Mimi Chen Nov. 29, 2016

The city that never sleeps – filled with activities, delicious cuisine,

sophistication meets attitude, and an eclectic mix of culture- has much to offer as it is the capital of the world.

Manhattan, the best time of day. Night (Photo Credits: www.homedsgn.com/2011/04/21/new-york-city-at-night-by-evan-joseph/

Come to New York and Manhattan is the place where tourists as well as locals venture. It is known for its restaurants, shopping centers, neighborhoods, and an abundance of other enjoyments. When you are here, you will be overwhelmed by how much there is to see and experience in its historic and cultural aspects. While adventuring around Manhattan, you will notice the array of culture, languages, and people that are here and what they offer. There’s a reason why New York is the center of the globe for many reasons as we are proud of our multicultural city.


  1. Cheese Please, 10 A.M

While you’re in Chinatown, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of people that start their day early and about. Many have to tend to their shops, buy groceries for dinner, and maybe hang out with their friends. When you’re on Grand Street in Little Italy, visit the well known and newly expanded Di Palo’s. They sell authentic Italian products such as various cheeses, oils, pasta, and cured meats. They have been featured in the New York Times, the news, and several other media sources. Their products are all handcrafted from Italy and recipes of old family generations passed down, and when you walk in, the stores workers are glad to help you and provide you with information about their products and recommendations. (http://dipalos.com/our-story/)

  1. Matcha’s Gotcha, 12:00 P.M.

After “the visit to Italy” come back into Chinatown where matcha is the most picked flavor for almost anything. Walk over to 373 Broome Street in the newly opened Cha Cha Matcha. Cha Cha Matcha being known for their simple finely milled Japanese green tea leaves, they prepare it in different ways since this Japanese powder has lots of antioxidants that are excellent for one’s body. They sell soft serve ice cream to coffee to matcha drinks. A soft serve cone and matcha latte are both $4.50, you can also choose the kind of milk you would like in your drink, the amount of sugar, or if you want a stronger flavor by adding an extra shot of matcha. The store only accepts cards to keep the line moving fast so there is no wait!(https://chachamatcha.com/pages/about-us)

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  1. Pork and Chive is not a Bribe, 2:00 P.M

One of the Chinese’ iconic foods is dumplings and nowhere best to get it then the people who make it fresh everyday. To taste authentic family made dumplings, visit Vanessa’s Dumplings on 118 Eldridge Street. Opened in 1999, it has become a landmark to New Yorkers, students, families, and especially tourists. Serving inexpensive soups, dumplings, sesame pancakes, and noodles. With a whole meal costing less than $15, what more is there to ask for? They hand the menus to customers to show their method of cooking dumplings and if you want to make some for later, they sell small bags of frozen dumplings for you to take home and enjoy as you would at the restaurant!


  1. Books for Cooks, 3:30 P.M

After getting your fill of dumplings, take your preferred method of travel to the Strand Bookstore on Broadway. With many discounts and sales, you can buy featured cookbooks, art, business, history, comic books, etc. They have a wonderful section for every different type of reader from children to adults. While you’re there, you might as well look through the souvenirs, toys, and the gifts section to take something home with you. The tote bag and t-shirts are the top favorites for tourists so beware of the treatment from locals. Also, check out the rare book room if you have a chance to create a sense of literary grandeur. Enjoy and sit there for a few moments and absorb yourself in a book or various books that you can browse through as you walk around the hipster bookstore.


  1. Amusing Museum, 5:00P.M

Stopover by the Tenement Museum where they feature stories of immigrants who lived in the Lower East Side of New York and how they lived in the neighborhood during the World War II decades. The museum provides you with more information through building tours, walking tours of the neighborhood, and also tours where you can meet residents of the Lower East Side, played by costume interpreters. You can call the hotline to purchase tickets for around $20 depending on the type of tour and subject that you pick. After that, you can visit the museum store and purchase books, puzzles, games, and many different accessories. After looking at the New York themed souvenirs, head over to the Erica Weiner jewelry shop on 173 Elizabeth Street. The owner Erica taught herself to make jewelry in the mid-2000’s and decided to open up a shop. They then studied antiques researched the human history and soon developed their own line of antiques and they obsessed over telling the story and discovery of every piece they own. Even though the jewelry is on the expensive side, they welcome you to come in their store with your curiosity and inspire you with the rare and unique jewels.(http://www.tenement.org/



  1. Deli in my Belly with some Afternoon Telly, 11 A.M

Start off your day at one of NY’s oldest and best delicatessens, Katz. Their corned beef ($18.95) and pastrami ($19.95) are naturally cured with amazing flavors that creates an unctuous sandwich that melts in your mouth. The 30 day process of curing attests to the fact that Katz takes great attention and detail. The famous spot is known for its history and culture as much as its food. Located in the grit of Lower East Side on Ludlow and Houston is a culinary institution that started back in 1888 even supporting the troops in WWII. From movies (Harry Met Sally) to television (Law & Order), Kat’z will not disappoint in its kosher style sandwiches, hot dogs, and soup. Afterwards, take a walk to 143 E. Houston between 1st and 2nd Avenue to catch a movie at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. This arthouse theater has its charm in its architecture as well as its movies. The quaint Sunshine debuts only independent and international films so take a look at either the critically acclaimed biopic Jackie at 2:15 P.M. or the entertaining adventure of a Kazakh girl pursuing her dreams as an eagle hunter appropriately called The Eagle Huntress at 2:30 P.M. (http://www.katzsdelicatessen.com/our-story


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  1. Tea with Gold, 4 P.M

Being in such a hectic city, calm down in the Ten Ren’s Tea Time store. Founded by Mr. Ray Ho Lee in 1953, the name Ten Ren means “heavenly love” in Chinese. There are over 74 stores operating now in Taiwan and is the largest tea company on the island. Their store policy is that they produce only the finest teas and tea products possible for the customer, and to present them in the traditional Chinese style while using modern technology to research, process, package and produce the product. Walk into the store and smell the aromatic tea leaves being made and the workers there will help you with choosing the product you should go home with. Then head on down to the busiest nightlife district in New York called Fool’s Gold on Houston Street. With happy hour from 4-7 P.M, you can choose from their wide selection of tap, bourbon, whiskey, beers, and cocktails. With over 110 different choices of alcohol, you might get hungry. Order some garlic parmesan and sriracha honey wings with choices of burgers, chili, or even a charcuterie or decadent cheese plate. (http://www.tenrenusa.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=40



  1. Noodle Masks, 2 P.M show is 2.20 mins

Phantom of the Opera, one of the hit Broadway shows in New York and longest running for over 25 years. With tickets as low as $49 on your first purchase, you can experience a show of your lifetime. The amazing singers and dancers are right at your fingertips. If you sit on the balcony seats, you are able to see the amazing choreography and sing along! With the beautiful scores, and bright clothing, you will not want to miss this show. Afterwards, treat yourself to a bowl of hot ramen. Walk over to Totto Ramen in Hell’s Kitchen and order yourself a chicken paitan ($10) and customize it with various and flavorful toppings that they offer and treat yourself to a inexpensive beer or sake ($5) to go with your ramen.



  1. Fax the Wax, 6:30 P.M

Want to see your favorite celebrity right here in New York? Go to Madame Tussauds on 42nd Street close to Times Square minus the crowd. Take your time to take pictures of the wax figurines of celebrities with tickets as low as $19 with tickets purchased in advance. Post your selfies on Instagram and your friends might just believe you saw a celebrity!(https://www.madametussauds.com/)

  1. Rich Rice to Old Ale , 9 P.M

Treat yourself to some delicious creamy rice pudding sold fresh here in New York! Walk over to Rice to Riches, you can’t miss it with all the humorous and sarcastic signs all over the place making you wonder. With a choice of 31 different flavors to choose from, have fun and ask the server to try the flavors. Make it flavorful by mixing in two different flavors into one bowl and pour on the toppings! (about $9). After letting yourself have a cheat day, take a Lyft to the McSorley’s Old Ale House for your last stop of the trip. The Old Ale house has been a gathering place full of art, culture, and time. It is one of the oldest establishments, and continuing, in New York since 1854. Everyone from Abraham Lincoln to John Lennon have walked through the doors. With very inexpensive drinks, ask for a pint of light or dark and sit down and have a talk with the owner about all the history about the place. You’ll be amazed by how much hasn’t changed such as the sawdust on the floor that they put to absorb the tobacco that was spit!



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While in New York and exploring all the attractions, activities, and restaurants, relax back at your hotel. With free wifi, breakfast, and beautiful city light views outside your window, you can relax and enjoy your peaceful night away from the crowds of people in the city that never sleeps. Visit trivago.com for excellent deals on hotels.


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Economy $144/a night

Luxury $332/a night


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