The Carlyle Visit- Gabriel Negron

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What was the most significant information you learned while on the site visit?

Learning about the backgrounds of the different department managers definitely had a significant impact during our visit to the Carlyle. Hearing how many of them were like me unable to really decide which route to take but finding a passion in customer service and traveling it helped to reassure that I was doing something that would keep me interested.

How did you feel about going to The Carlyle?  

I was incredibly excited to visit the Carlyle, I wanted to experience firsthand the first class service they are so known for. Seeing the different suites and how they can cater to different kinds of guests was very intriguing as well as seeing some of the older tradition such as the elevator attendant Frank who told us he was an employee for 30 years. This told me just how much he enjoyed working at The Carlyle no matter the title and how the company treats their employees with care.

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