Lily Cheung- 36 Hours under 59th Street, Manhattan


36 Hours under 59th street, Manhattan

By: Lily Cheung

One of the most diverse areas in the world is located in Manhattan, specifically under 59th street. Manhattan is huge place to explore and is known for being a diverse area because of the variety of cultures. Below 59th street there are many places that you can visit in under 36 hours. From areas such as Chinatown to Little Italy to Koreatown, you can find things to do and food to eat, just by riding the subway. Business men and women, children, family and friends coming from all over the world in one place. There are many activities to do in the busy city of Manhattan and many places to eat traditional food from another country.


  1. A soup-filled day, 12 pm

Start your afternoon with a pop of flavor in your mouth. Joes Shanghai has been known for its specialty soup dumplings. At Joes Shanghai you can eat pork and crabmeat filled soup dumplings for only $8.25. However if you are allergic to seafood, you can get the pork soup dumpling which is $6.25. Both are delicious and are very well known for having an explosion of flavors. The explosion of flavors will stimulate your taste buds and prepare you for the cold day ahead. The hot broth in the soup dumplings and the dipping sauce that comes with it is the best combination for a quick and easy lunch.

  1. Shop for cheap?, 2 pm

Looking for a small present for a friend, but on a budget? You can find inexpensive gifts for under $10 for anyone you want to give a gift to. After spending time at Joes Shanghai, head on over to Elizabeth Center Gift shop, where you can find little knickknacks, posters, cups and other Asian goodies for a low price. The home-like atmosphere will pull you in. The prices are cheap and very affordable, so you won’t have to spend a lot here! The affordable and cute gifts make gift giving an easier task

  1. Tea for two please, 4 pm

To boost your energy, head on over to Kung Fu Tea, a trendy bubble tea shop and get something sweet to satisfy your cravings. Buy a large Black milk bubble tea for under $5. The combination of the sweet taste of milk tea and sweet chewy Boba will give you a burst of energy to keep moving forward to the next destination for the day. Too cold for a cold drink? Get the hot version of the Milk tea. It’s delicious too and can satisfy your sweet tooth when it’s cold outside.

  1. Sweet and Salty dried snacks, 5 pm

With your tea in one hand and your hunger in the other, head on over to a store overflowing with both sweet and salty dried snacks. At Aji Ichiban you can find a variety of dried goods will definitely fulfill your cravings. There are many kinds of Asian-style dried sweets, seafood and jerky. You can taste test the yummy goodies as you sip your milk tea. There are many kinds of Jerky, such as the hot beef jerky, regular beef jerky, fruit-flavored beef jerky, and pork jerky. These are all $14 for half a pound. Some unique items are Hawthorn, which is made from a Chinese fruit and licorice menthol, which are both $6 for half a pound. Besides these options you can buy seaweed, dry squid, pocky and more.

An array of snacks from both the sweet and salty end of the scale.

Photo Credit: Ben Jay (

  1. Skate on ice, 7 pm

Have you ever gone ice-skating? It’s one of the most heart racing experiences if it’s your first time standing on ice. At Bryant Park you can ice-skate for free if you bring your own skates or rent the skates for $20 dollars and put your shoes inside the lockers, which are also free. Don’t forget to bring a lock from home so you can save some money since it’s free. Bryant Park closes at midnight and if you are ever hungry you can grab a snack at the stands nearby. But don’t forget, the ice skating rink closes at 10 pm.


  1. Fresh baked bread, 1 pm

Start your afternoon with a visit to Paris Baguette, a delicious bakery shop located in Times Square. Freshly baked bread, straight from the oven, and then delivered to satisfy your morning hunger. The crispy outside layer, followed by a soft mouthwatering inside layer that will melt in your mouth. The warm and comforting environment will keep you from leaving, although there’s much more to do than just eating. You can also find desserts of your choice and other baked goodies for a decent price.

  1. Ripley’s Believe It or Not, 2 pm

After a quick breakfast stop, head on over to see something different from the usual. If you want to see something odd or unique, visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not and find the most jaw-dropping things you will ever see. It is only $23.96 plus tax for adults and $18.36 for children (ages 4-12) when you purchase the tickets online. Buying tickets in person is $29.95 for adults and $22.95 for children (ages 4-12). You can save an average of $5 when you purchase the tickets online rather than buying it in person. Some attractions at Ripley’s Believe It or Not are the two-headed calf, the albino giraffe and a shrunken head. Because there is no time limit you can spend as long as you want to explore the variety of things at the museum.a-view-of-ktown

A view of Koreatown

Photo Credit: Lily Cheung

  1. Barbeque Heaven, 5 pm

Korean Barbeque, also known as KBBQ, is a very popular and delicious meal for an empty stomach at the end of the day. miss KOREA BBQ is famous for its mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth Korean Barbeque. The fresh grilled meat sizzles as you enjoy the comfortable atmosphere with friends, family and more. The average price for the beef is around $34. It is definitely worth the money when you get the fresh and well raised meat. The beef melts in your mouth as you chew and the flavors satisfy all of your taste buds.


  1. Fresh fast food?, 12 pm

Want to get food on the go but don’t have enough time? Tired of waiting for your food to be cooked? At Woorijip, you can find freshly cooked food that is already packaged and ready to serve. In less than a minute you can have a freshly cooked lunch on the table. Visit Woorijip and get healthy “fast food” that you can easily reheat, if needed. The average price for the prepared meals are about $8 plus tax. Another option is to choose food from the buffet, which is $7.99 per pound.


An array of freshly cooked meals that are ready to eat.

Photo Credit: Lily Cheung

  1. I love K-pop!, 2 pm

Are you a fan of k-pop? If you are a K-pop fan, you can start your day bright and ready to keep moving forward, although you may stay at the store for hours. Head on over to your dream world where your idols are all around you, Koryo Bookstore. The utopian world for those who are k-pop fans will find it to be a place you can never leave. K-pop fans often find this store one of the best places to buy Korean goodies, such as albums of their favorite idols and posters. There are also pens and other stationary items that range from $5-25 dollars.kpop-store

Korean books and K-pop goodies

Photo Credit: Lily Cheung

  1. Sing until you can’t sing anymore, 4 pm

If you love to sing but are really bad at it, you can visit Gagopa Karaoke. At Gagopa Karaoke you can buy small rooms and sing to your hearts content without being judged by anyone. It’s a great place to let out your energy and your singing skills. As you end your day in Koreatown, take a break at Gagopa Karaoke, which is only $32 plus tax for 1-4 people and $8 per person per hour plus tax for more than 5 people. It’s an affordable price for a huge variety of songs, ranging from Korean songs to Chinese songs to Spanish Songs.


You may think that staying the night in Manhattan will cost a fortune, however, there are many affordable places to stay. The EVEN hotel, located in Midtown east, has many great features such as high speed Wi-Fi, accessible rooms and it is a sustainable hotel. The cozy room will help you relax and still afford the room. The room rates start from $150.

If you want to stay on the higher end side, stay at the AKAWall Street, which features a fully equipped kitchen, a great view, a very good location and a high tech fitness center. There is also a lounge area on the 20th floor where you can overlook the One World Trade Center. It is located at the Heart of the Theatre district in Midtown, Manhattan. The introductory rates start at $428.


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