Le District, Site Visit, Tuesday

Food and Beverage Management: Research and Development

Active participation contributes to class participation grade


Participate in a site visit of a NYC Food Hall and engage in discussions about food and beverage management at the food hall as it pertains to food and beverage management and service standards.                                                                                

Collaborative Groups

  • *Sarah, Neil, Karen, Lily, Marisol
  • *Sam, Mimi, Daniel, Dale, Michelle
  • *Loribeth, Robert, Destiny, Bao, Emily
  • *Ri Dong, Kaylah, Angela, Lizbel
  • *Roxanne, Pedro, Chris, Anna

Meeting Location

Brookfield Place outside Le District, 225 Liberty Street, Manhattan

There are benches and tables in the main courtyard inside the mall in front of the store.



8:30     Meet at Brookfield Place

Attendance will be taken (Stewart Groups 1, 2, 3) (Goodlad Groups 4 &5). Check in with your assigned group to make sure everyone has arrived.

8:45     Activity One

9:30     Meet at ______________________________ To report on findings

9:50     Activity Two

10:30   Meet at ______________________________ To report on findings          

11:00   Class dismissed for lunch http://brookfieldplaceny.com/directory/food/all

 Assignment Format

Prior to class

  • read the chapters pertaining to food and beverage and restaurants (Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7)
  • learn about the site of our visit (Le District)

Day of class

  • Self guided small group tour
  • Small group presentations
  • Discussion

After class

  • Create one post per group to the HMGT1101 OpenLab site before November 4 to include:
    • Names of people in your group and their F&B job title including a brief description of the responsibilities of that position.
    • The two most significant observations made by your group for all three activities (total of six observations)