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The United Palace Theatre

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The United Palace Theatre its one of the 5 “Loews Wonder Theatres”  in New York City, It has a classic design from the architecture  from a  classic time, it was open in 1930,  and its still up today because it was purchased by a United Christian Evangelistic church in 1969. Its a theater where social activities, concerts, celebration, dancing class, church events, movies and others take place there and from different cultures. The united palaced its very recognized because of his classic look from back in the days. Its has a very classic structure , its located in Uptown Manhattan, broadway 175 street. Its not a famous place for tourists compare to time square but every day you see photographer in the area and people from other countries that are exploring the city of manhattan.


This is my taking care of my small bussiness of handbags and part of the United Palace Theater its behind behind me.


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Emily Jacome-Guggenheim Museum(Tuesday)

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The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum opened in 1959.  This location brought new culture to the famous museum mile in NYC through modern and contemporary art.  The museum is presented by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and is just one of the many around the world.  The museums among the foundation are recognized for their stunning architecture. The Guggenheim Museum in NYC has a more subtle architectural appeal compared to the others around the world.  Nevertheless, the building takes you on an art frenzy through a downward spiral, starting from the top and ending at the bottom. The Guggenheim has had  many exhibitions that bring other parts of the world, such as Italy, Africa, and Latin America, to NYC.  The Guggenheim museum is perfect to spend a quiet and thoughtful afternoon.

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Chelsea Piers (thursday class)

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The Chelsea Piers was built in the 19th century for recreational activities for the wealthy. In addition to that it hosted a majority of voyages as well. Today it is similar but it caters to visitors or locals of all economic statuses. The Chelsea piers has a lot of activities to offer and is one of the best places to visit if you are in the New York area.


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Thursday – The HighLine Park

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I will be visiting the Highline Park as part of my concierge assignment. I think that the High Line Park is very unique and different from a lot of parks in NYC. High Line Park has a great amount of history behind it and most visitors can hint at it with its old railroads. Most people dont really know its full on history, but just its old railroads. This is where the park becomes significantly unique, High Line is a very innovative park. To be able to preserve its history and combine it with the new futuristic architectual designs, is what makes this park a go to. Therefore i will be visiting High Line Park as part of my assignment.

Experiential learning assignment

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I chose the Empire State Building, because I believe it’s very important to the culture of New York City, also the Empire State Building have been in many movies, it’s recognized, and it’s very popular. In addition, the Empire State Building is one of the tallest building in NYC, and do to its height , it attracts New Yorkers and tourist, because it has an incredible view.

Neil Tsentner St. Patricks Cathedral (Tuesday)

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St. Patricks Cathedral has been a staple to New York City since 1879. Amongst its skyscrapers and modern architecture surrounding the beautiful Neo-Gothic style cathedral was designed by an architect named James Renwick Jr. St Patricks Cathedral remains as a gift from the past and is the oldest Roman Catholic parish in New York City. Although the church stands as a well known landmark in the heart of 5th avenue, the church is still fully functional and is visited by thousands of tourists a day and is admired  by everyone. There are plans to preserve St. Patricks  and keep it the way it has been for 137 years. The church holds lots of history and would be a shame  to see it decompose.


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Sam Clampman: Coney Island (Tuesday Class)

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Coney Island is one of the most historic, scenic and fun places in all of New York City. It is located on the south shore of Brooklyn and is framed by the Atlantic Ocean. There are so many places to see and food to taste at Coney Island. From the world’s famous Nathan’s Restaurant, home of the annual Hot Dog eating contest, to Gargiulo’s old school banquet-hall Italian eatery, Coney Island has something for everyone. Aside from the food choices, you can take in the annual Mermaid Parade down Surf Avenue, watch fireworks from the famous boardwalk during the summer, take in a Brooklyn Cyclones ballgame, or visit the aquarium. If thrills are what you crave, take a ride on the Cyclone (the world’s oldest wooden roller coaster) and the Wonderwheel or spend a fun day at Luna Park. No matter what you do, a day in Coney Island will be a delicious and fun-filled day.

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