For my new text I would create an adveristment script for consumer to be aware of the importance of fair trade chocolate instead of consuming chocolate that involves a enormous  amount of child labor.

Announcer: Purchase Fair Trade Chocolate for a better shaping of the chocolate industry!!

In this comercial, it shall show images of young children harvesting cocoa with the dangerous conditions they are placed in, and then the process of chocolate being made from start to end. After this clip I would like for the announcer to describe why fair trade has many more benefits. It is encouraged for the announcer to have a cheerful and enthusiastic voice to attract the audience and have a convincing effect. 

Announcer: We strive to help young children get an education and not work in dangerous farms harvesting cocoa for desperate needs due to poverty. Lets help decrease the over 2 million young children that are engaging in growing regions. And help allow us to trace the majority of the cocoa to overcome factors of economic forces in the World’s poorest places. Improving educational opportunities and birth certificates for easier enrollment.

After this we would show a video of young children in school instead of harvesting cocoa. Describe the change in their lives through pictures.

Announcer: Spread the word and help contribute to this cause, together we can make an impact!! Let’s bring joy to these children’s lives just as desired!!