As the author of project #2, I would explain my work on project #3. I was interested in this topic because I have worked at a pastry shop that involved a lot of chocolate. Meanwhile my family dream was to open a pastry shop but what better way to do it with the involvement of chocolate. Yet I feel like we as consumers are sometimes not always aware of the factors and issues that are involved in the production of products that might be typically purchased. I learned that it only takes one question and a few concerns to deepen and elaborate one’s thoughts and knowledge. During my research I learned that well known chocolate company’s such as Mars, Hersheys, and Nestle don’t include information in regards to their products contributing to the issue of child labor. Majority it’s children as young as 12 years old that are trafficked to work in cocoa farms. There has been a lack for customer labels in regards to products that involve child labor.

My purpose for this project was mainly to bring attention to consumers but mainly adults since children are not fully aware of these issues. But if adults are aware of the issues on these products, they can teach younger children. The appeals that I decided to use for my new text were ethos and pathos to convey the danger and condition children are put into due to poverty and desperate needs. I tried to make it very encouraging so that it could make the audience feel impacted by the need to help to consume fair trade chocolate for the benefits of young children and to spread the word so that more people can be informed about this issue that is impacting the chocolate industry. I tried to make it as simple as possible while only including few of the important information that I found so that the audience can be encouraged to also spend some time to research a bit more deeply.

What interested me to choose this genre was the many different issues in the production of products such as chocolate. Being able to make a pastry with chocolate in fair trade would not only be delightful towards future customers but also help us analyze that we can enjoy things without the harm of young children. In regard to my research everything went smoothly. It was a topic that contained an enormous amount of information. Majority of the information was pretty much similar which was good since it all connected towards my topic. However, this project mainly made me consider starting more investigations in the other products.

Overall, this project was a bit stressful since at the beginning I wasn’t exactly sure if this would be a great topic to research but yet I thought to myself that possibly most people weren’t fully aware of the process of beginning to end in order to produce a product. I found that with one single question so much information can be obtained. I wasn’t exactly sure what my new text was going to be, but I decided to do an advertisement script to create awareness towards children. Having it be an advertisement would grab the audience’s attention more easily.