my soccer game

For my midterm i decided to create a soccer game with a goalie. My initial idea was to have two teams of players with red and blue ellipse. Due to the short time and also to make my game more real,  i thought uploading an image of a goalie would be better. Difficulties encountered during this project was writing out the boolean functions. However, my midterm would have been much more interactive and fun if i was able to upload sounds and game scores.

About Ehis

My name is Ehis E. Igbinosa. Born and raised in one of the greatest continent of Africa, Nigeria. Currently an Entertainment Technology major at City Tech. I took some courses at Lehman College as a field production manager summer of 2010. I have had strong passion for music since I was 6 years old playing the drums of a local church in Benin-city Nigeria. I play a variety of gospel, reggae, hip-hop, Rnb, Calypso, and a little Techno-style of music. My passion for music has taken me from a smaller stage to a bigger platform in and across the country. I recently got signed to a Nigerian-American base record label NMG (Nosa Music Group) in March 2013. I was elected as one of the New York Top Talent in December of 2010. And today I have got talent in singing, playing the drums, keyboard/piano, and bass guitar for various groups/bands. Attachment below is an article featured in season 2 of New York Top Talent of which I was invited as a special guest performer. Outside of my music, I am licensed by the New York City Department of Environmental protection as an Environmental project monitor.
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  1. Ehis says:

    Don’t know why my image isn’t showing..but you can click on the “My soccer game” link to access the profile.

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