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Questioning Authority

It seems that in this time that we are living in now, there seems to be no authoritative figure when it comes to information and whether or not it is valid information. Mezaros discusses a case between students and faculty, where s(he)? discusses how little students have respect for information received by people of authority in schools or universities. Maybe when you were a student in whatever institution of learning, you’d often see that one smart (sometimes arrogant) student in your class who’d often raise his hand to correct a teacher because he or she taught the information they presented was not entirely wrong, but there was a big mistake. At the end, the student would probably get schooled. Another example is that you’d also quite often see on social media platforms where the expressing of an opinion can be a “wrong opinion.” There is a video and in the comments section, there are about 10 users arguing over some silly idea. One user usually trys to start an argument and cause a reaction. At this point in time, it is usually those 10 trying to lay down some facts to prove their opinion and others saying that the other’s facts are wrong and baseless, etc. So we can see there really is a question on authority in terms of information. It seems that all facts are usually false without providing more facts, and those facts are false without even more facts, and the cycle goes on (to some point where everyone can agree, but that’s usually, if ever, hardly the case because everyone wants to be right).


Assignement #2


Soccer has been the number one sport worldwide for a century. It is known ,for the quality, respect and fitness of the game.  In 2016, there was some complaints from the fan during the Euro Cup, one of the greatest Tournament in the planet for the tickets price.However, the authority only provided a temporary solution till the tournament was over. Based on the facts it is really disappointing that soccer the most popular sport of the world is not supporting the fan. Clearly, they don’t understand without fan there wouldn’t be sponsor to keep them going. The statistics diagram above show the tickets price during in interval of a decade it is like is never going to be enough.

Assignment #2

The newspaper articles talks about the increase in the suicide rate of children between the ages of 10 and 14 and how it has caught up with the amount of deaths caused by traffic accidents.  There are many factors for the cause suicide and these factors are amplified through social media like Facebook and Instagram.  Also, deaths due to traffic accidents for children ages 10 to 14 have decreased a trend that is true across the entire population.  It also goes on to say how there has been a sharp increase in the suicide rate for girls due to them dominating the world of social media and also because they, on average, start to go through puberty at an earlier age leading to problems that they might not be adequately equipped to deal with.


The graph shows how rare death is for adolescents are. It also shows how, from 2007 to 2014, the death rate due to traffic accidents has decreased by half while the death rate due to suicide has doubled and has passed up the death rate dude to traffic accidents.

Graph on Shark Attacks, Joel Chapman

After a shark attack incident, Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida decided to create some data sheets on the amount of shark attacks that has happened between 2005 and 2014. The graph above is just one of few graphs. It was hard for researchers to exactly tell the accurate amount of attacks, but they were able to tell that the majority of attacks were dealt by Great White sharks, followed by tiger sharks, and then bull sharks. Based on the graph, one can see that since 2005, the amount of attacks had increased, reached a plateau by 2012, and then has started to decrease. One can say that a factor of the increased shark attacks was due to the popularity of surfing increasing over some period of time, as it is known that sharks tend to spontaneously jump an attack preys. Based on the graph, you can assume that after the high amount of attacks in 2007, people had decided to stay out of the water the following year, and in the end did not notice many incidents. After, they decided to enter back, thus increasing the number of victims. These are nothing but speculations, but if one knows about Florida and shark attacks, some things will correlate.