practiceexam4practiceexam4excelpracticeexam4solns (word), practiceexam4solns (pdf), practiceexam4excelsolns

practiceexam3,  practiceexam3_solns (word), practiceexam3_solns (pdf) You may bring a standard letter sheet handwritten (front and back) with instructions on how to do each problem (I will keep the same numbering on the exam). Submit it with your exam for up to 5 points based on its thoroughness.

practiceexam2practiceexam2solns (word), practiceexam2solns (pdf), writing_assignments_stat_calc_exam2: there are 6 prompts. On the exam you will a roll a die to determine which prompt you get.

practiceexam1,  practiceexam1-solns (word),   practiceexam1-solns (pdf), writing_assignments_stat_calc_exam_period1

Reminder that the exam will be 3 or 4 questions similar to the practice exam plus one of the writing prompts.

One week before each exam, a sample exam will be posted here and the solutions provided a couple days before the exam as well.

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