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Explore Online Education Trends in 4 Bar Graphs (Assignment 2)

Enrollment in online graduate programs continue to grow in popularity. About 5.8 million students enrolled in at least one online program in fall 14′ according to Babson Survey Research Group, an organization that explores trends in education. Combined with survey data from Aslanian Market Research, and Learning House, which partners with higher education institutions to develop online degree programs, highlight various trends in online learning, including growing interest in tech-focused graduate programs and fewer students who take no online courses. Based on 4 bar graphs we’ll discover the criteria of enrollment in online graduate programs per discipline (2014 v 2016), student enrollment by type of course (2012 v 2104), undergraduate online course enrollment by type of institution (Fall 2014), and role of MOOCS at surveyed institutions (2012-2015). One example of how these bar graphs are being is utilized can be determined by observing the data in let’s say the “enrollment in online graduate programs per discipline (2014 v 2016)” bar graph. Notice that the Business program remains popular from years 2014 to 2016 and an interest in computers and IT grew drastically while teaching and education lost interest. We can infer that the interest in programs are based on the job markets high demand in these skills.

Graph On News

In this Link, it shows the stocks of EA, a big entertainment industry during this past 2 months have dropped substantially even with 2 big release titles called “Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2”

Reason for this change is because the The industry want to make a change/leap forward to how they sell and distribute their products. The Demand for hard copy entertainment is declining rapidly each year and the dependence for them too.

To keep to with this day and age, entertainment is sold in digital forms. and with that prices for these digital forms are sold cheaper then hard copies. From my observation for example in stores, a hard cover copy is a 60 dollars and will always remain that way until they are sold out. When sold in digital form, it is around 40-50 dollars tops after a month of release.

Although the stocks have dropped by a average of 4%, that is a great loss in the industry. But the overall stocks are still intact, that shows how many stores and consumers have already adapted the idea of digital form. In my opinion, the digital form is more convenient and best way to collect, if you are a type to person to collect. In digital form your purchase will always be saved in our cloud account, which means it will always remain there forever and you don’t have to worry of losing it or damaging it. Not to mention quick access and easy to navigate your OS while your already in front of your system.

Global Warming

You can’t deny global warming after seeing this graph, by Ezra Klein

Global warming is an undeniable, geological phenomenon; evidence of its presence has only increased in severity and length over time. As a result, the World Meteorological Association released a graph and a detailed study on the average temperature variance of our planet over the past 13 decades. The data clearly shows an increasing, positive trend in the global temperature, especially since 1981. In fact, nine of the ten warmest years ever recorded have occurred since 1998. The planet is not only getting warmer throughout the decades, but the rate at which this is happening appears to be growing exponentially. If this trend continues, it will cause irreparable damage to various ecosystems throughout the world, including our own. Hopefully more nations will consider this ongoing epidemic and take measures to lessen its effect.

Assignment 2


In the article “The New Jobs Numbers Signal the End of an Economic Era” discusses how unemployment rate recently fell from 4.9 percent to 4.6 percent within the month of November, which has not been this low since August 2007. The increase of unemployment that first started in August 2007 was due to losses on U.S mortgage-related bonds. Part of the unemployment decline was caused by 226,000 people who dropped out of the labor force and 160,000 people reported themselves as employed. Another reason is now middle age people especially men are not working and are not looking for work which remains a weak spot in the U.S economy. People who say they wanted a job and looked for one last month dropped to 7.4 million which is the lowest since November 2007. Bond markets are priced to reflect a return to normal interest rates. Also, there was some progress toward higher wages, where there was a 2.5 percent gain in that the wage represented income gains during the time of low inflation. With 178,000 jobs in the U.S being added in November, the combination of low unemployment rate and shrinking labor force implies that the economy will not be able to keep it for that long. In order to continue job growth, employers need to get people who are fit and ready to work. The graph used in the article was to show the rate of unemployment and how it has changed throughout the years. It also shows the average percent of unemployed people in 2016. Data collected was probably from those who are unemployed each year.