Excel and R


Please work thru at least the first 18/19 lessons of the Excel 2013 / Excel 2016 introductory tutorial (not specific to statistics). The rest of the tutorials are useful, but I would consider more advanced than what we need for the class. [For those who will be using mainly MS Office 2007 or 2010, there are similar tutorials on the same site.] At some point, you will be have to do some writing on this material. Here is a self-quiz to see if you are ready.

excelnotes and excel2010_stats are guides more specific to statistics.


You should install R and Rstudio on your machine. (Rstudio is a convenient user-friendly interface for using R.)

Some brief tutorials to get you going: 1a, 1b. Here is a nice portal for you to access all kinds of R resources. This is the somewhat comprehensive tutorial that I myself used.

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