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In this Link, it shows the stocks of EA, a big entertainment industry during this past 2 months have dropped substantially even with 2 big release titles called “Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2”

Reason for this change is because the The industry want to make a change/leap forward to how they sell and distribute their products. The Demand for hard copy entertainment is declining rapidly each year and the dependence for them too.

To keep to with this day and age, entertainment is sold in digital forms. and with that prices for these digital forms are sold cheaper then hard copies. From my observation for example in stores, a hard cover copy is a 60 dollars and will always remain that way until they are sold out. When sold in digital form, it is around 40-50 dollars tops after a month of release.

Although the stocks have dropped by a average of 4%, that is a great loss in the industry. But the overall stocks are still intact, that shows how many stores and consumers have already adapted the idea of digital form. In my opinion, the digital form is more convenient and best way to collect, if you are a type to person to collect. In digital form your purchase will always be saved in our cloud account, which means it will always remain there forever and you don’t have to worry of losing it or damaging it. Not to mention quick access and easy to navigate your OS while your already in front of your system.

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