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Assignement #2


Soccer has been the number one sport worldwide for a century. It is known ,for the quality, respect and fitness of the game.  In 2016, there was some complaints from the fan during the Euro Cup, one of the greatest Tournament in the planet for the tickets price.However, the authority only provided a temporary solution till the tournament was over. Based on the facts it is really disappointing that soccer the most popular sport of the world is not supporting the fan. Clearly, they don’t understand without fan there wouldn’t be sponsor to keep them going. The statistics diagram above show the tickets price during in interval of a decade it is like is never going to be enough.

Assign #1




Hey viewers! My name is Terry my major is electrical engineering. This field requires a considerable level of thinking and patient to achieve a certain goal. Since the beginning of this journey, most of my classes been about numbers and critical thinking   which are really resourceful. Lately, I have been using statistic to determine the final state of a series -parallel circuit when there is an open, short or at normal stage. When I talk about final state I refer to the electrical power of the circuit that can be defined as the relationship between the voltage and the current or the current and the resistance of the circuit. The image on top will give you a better understandinf of my point if you ever want to further examine my idea.