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Annotation Notes:

  1. I wondered why Mike Bunn descriptively spoke about the theatre he works at, when he says in the title “How to read like a writer.”
  2. I like how he said “I had no intention of dying in a bright red tuxedo.” He acts like he is a customer who doesn’t even know the place at all.
  3. When Mike Bunn mentioned that he had to reread every word, that made me feel more opened to listening what he had to say because I was once there too.
  4. “All writing consists of a series of choices”



“You are already an author” is something that everyone can easily understand, but in their own way. If I were to dissect this line, it would mean that everyone has their own story to tell. It just depends on who says what, and how you choose to handle certain situation. For example, in the beginning of his story, he descriptively mentions how the theatre is and how he would sit down just to read while he works. But if you pay attention, he only did that for us to have an understanding of who he is, which tells us the author wants us to know who the real Mike Bunn is. He is just a guy who don’t know where the fire extinguishers are and loves to read books everywhere he goes, even when working in the theatre full of loud movies.

As for me, I write songs, poetry, short stories, and comics. UNfortunately, my days of writing stories stopped because of important needs that requires immediate attention. I will love to get back into it, but now and then I would use my phone to type out whatever I’m thinking. Honestly speaking, words are a powerful thing when it comes to energy and the mind. Certain words put in a sequence can either mean one thing to me, but plenty to you, and that is what the author is trying to say. That’s why he said there are choices behind your words.

With the expertise you obtained, reading and writing will comes naturally. At this time of generation, people would look for anything new or “unique.” Everyone would always have something that somebody will look for. There is no one in this world who is left out from being needed. I mean that mental wise. People write books and articles or create something to share a part of themselves to the public. That’s how everyone was able to know about history and what happened in the past. The same way every word is a choice creating a book, is the same way every choice you make in life creates an event.

I would love to have well organized writing and English comprehension like Mike Bunn. I just love the way he was very descriptive from where he started to read, how he began, and how it led him to finding out the truth behind reading and writing. That is amazing and I would love to one day write a article/book like that.



  1. Carrie Hall

    Do you think your phone is the best “place” for you to write or do you find it distracting? I’m just curious!

    • Premnauth Ramchan

      Well only if I need to jot down my notes quick I use my phone. But in other cases I use my book.

  2. Carrie Hall

    Prem, I’m wondering why you didn’t do the annotation assignment on Perusall. Are you having issues with the program? I see you have done some annotation notes here, so I will give you 4/5 points, but we need to make sure you get Perusall up and running!

    • Premnauth Ramchan

      I thought I did though. Yeah I guess I am having problems. How do I annotate then?

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