The thought of sitting in class pen to paper has always been a very difficult task, never because I did not want to but instead it was always the fact that I always seemed to write about things that did not interest me or I did not like. I have stories in which I wanna share, stories in which I hope people can relate to but in high school I always felt as if school was something forced. As I sat in silence hearing the screeching of the marker tracing the board I looked out the window hoping that maybe just maybe I would be able to see more than I was given. It was a chilly afternoon of m freshman year. As the sun began to disappear into the clouds, and as we lined up waiting to enter into a building in which I called my school, I traveled the halls of the familiar faces, and wish that I could just leave. My mom turned the corner as they filled her hands with information about me. In which I always thought was weird being that they are giving out “my information, without me even giving them any information. As we roamed the halls going in and out the classroom conferencing with different teachers about my behavior in school. As we roamed the hall walking into individuals who were happy with their children and others who were not, I strolled the hall along side with my mother hearing the laughs, nd hearing the yells of parents looking in the eyes of their child, I was stuck in the in between. With my mom not being happy or mad , but instead chill. As we touched the door of my algebra teacher I was introduced into an array of disappointment. She was such a disappointment in my eyes. As a teacher she believed that student are supposed to understand the things she teaches right away, and that’s not me. She and I clashed a lot due to are different views. As my mom reached the door I locked eyes with the teacher in which I knew was gonna give me the most trouble. She said things in which I couldn’t even believe for my self as my mom nodded intrigued with all of the “new things” that she told her. As my mom sat their in disappointment , she gave me a chance to explain myself, but who am I to go against, an adult. She as of today has been the reason to why I the math, being that when I needed her for help she refused to help me.